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Fun DYI Lego Party!


My husband has a twin brother, Brian.  Brian and his wife Bethany live in the Dallas area and have an adorable five year old son, Andrew.  Bethany knows that I love parties and all of the details so she knew that I would love seeing the party that she went to this past weekend.

If you have a son, you know that at some point in your son’s life, he will be obsessed with Legos.  My son Will is thirteen and still loves to play with Legos!  Our daughter Allison loved to play with Legos up until about the age 13.  This would be a fun party to throw! Shannon did an amazing job!

From Bethany:

This party was given by my sweet friend Shannon for her son Harrison’s 6th birthday.

Harrison is one of Andrew’s very best friends.

The details were amazing:


This party was so creative and all the kids had a blast.

The Details

  • Shannon made cupcakes and ordered a plain round cake from Sam’s, then decorated the, with Lego men she made by pouring candy melts into silicone molds.



  • The Lego heads are large marshmallows dipped into yellow candy melts.



  • There was sign by the front door announcing that the birthday boy was six.



  • Favor bags are plain gift bags with cut-out circles glued on to look like Lego bricks.

    favor bags



  • She made these Lego crayons by melting together bits of broken crayons in brick-shaped silicone molds.


  • Game: Guess how many Legos are in the vase?




  • Game: Pin the head on the Lego man



  • Game: Lego piñata made by wrapping a plain box and then taping on red Solo cups cut in half. The kids loved pounding it open.



  • There was also a photo booth with paper Lego heads, hats, glasses, mustaches, etc. taped to Popsicle sticks that the kids could hold in front of their faces while someone took their picture.

I loved this party.  Thank you Bethany and Shannon for sharing it with us!


My question for you is this:  Who is ready to throw a Lego Party?

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