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Get Your Run On!

run 1I want to start this blog by saying that I hate to exercise.  I don’t enjoy it like some people do.  I dread it and when it is over, I am a very happy girl.  The problem, though, is that the older I get, the harder it is to keep my figure or get my body into the shape that I my mind thinks I can do.  

I have tried a million different types of exercise.  I have hired a personal trainer.  I know that the only way to get to my target weight is through better eating and exercise.  For almost a year, I do somewhat well during the week and completely blow it during the weekend.  

A month ago I started a weight loss challenge with nine other girls.  Corrin and I both decided we were going to step up our game.  I decided that I was going to focus my efforts on running.  I want to run a 10K in November.  My goal is to run it without stopping.

For the past month, Corrin and I have run/walked six miles a day about five days a week (for our workout) and got more steps just walking for the rest of the day .  We have made a big effort to eat cleaner.  I am excited to report that am seeing big differences just in a month!  

I was the biggest loser for the first milestone of our challenge (down five pounds in two weeks)! For the next milestone, I was the biggest loser for inches (8.5 total inches lost so far)!

Our friends see Corrin and I running/walking in our neighborhood and laugh at us (and cheer us on).  Our friend Amy snapped this picture of us running the other day.

run 3What if I hate to run?

Start out slow and walk most of the time.  Every once in awhile, add a jog into your routine.  After a month, you will notice that you are able to walk less and run more.  You WILL see results.  My arms are starting to be a lot less flabby and more toned.  My legs are toning up and my stomach is getting flatter than before.  My face is thinner!  See the picture below!

run 8I am giving you some tips if this is something you would like to try.  YOU CAN DO IT!

  1. Buy a fanny pack.  The fanny pack is awesome.  I keep my phone, money, and chapstick in this pack.  I have my headphones connected to the phone.  I recommend the Fitletic.

run 4

run 62.Buy a pair of biking shorts.  I spent the first two weeks pulling my running shorts down as the rode up my legs.  They fit me but would still ride up.  Biking shorts may not be the most attractive clothing but it is comfortable for walking/running.

run 23. Download a book to listen to.  Running/walking six miles at a time is not a big deal when you are listening to a good book that you enjoy.  If the book is really good, you get excited to get the chance  to listen to it again, making the exercise more enjoyable.  

4. Buy a good headband to keep your hair out of your face.

run 75. Our friend Elizabeth suggested this great idea:  If you can’t run a lot, start running and walking between fire hydrants in your neighborhood.  Most neighborhoods have them all over the place.  Set a goal:  Sign up for a 5K and make your friends or husband do it with you.  This will give you something to look forward to. She is such an inspiration because she went from not running to regularly running 9-10 miles a day! Here is a before and after picture.6. Buy a fitbit:  The fitbit is one of my most favorite things.  You can track how many miles you have run/walked.  Fitbit lets you add friends and you can participate in weekly challenges with them.  My fitbit goal is set to 12,000 steps a day.  Lately I have tried to get at least 17,000 steps (about seven miles) a day. 12088451_10206978093863503_3924624976426482100_n7. Try to run/walk at least five days a week.  Plan out your exercise like you would your appointments.  I schedule exercise and put it on my calendar.  I have been turning down different social events because it interferes with my workout.

8. Stop making excuses and just do it!

I have had a lot of fun.  I have run to Paige’s school a lot and I like to send her selfies of me by her school…lol. She loves it!  Ha!

run 5

My question for you is this:  Who is going to actually try this?  

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