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I Am Obsessed With Jumbo Ziploc Bags

UntitledI am currently obsessed with Jumbo Ziploc bags (2.5 gallons).  

Why am I obsessed with them?  

(Because they are AWESOME)

 I am on a mission to declutter and organize my house.  I find that for many items, they  do not fit in the next size down, the gallon bag.  Here is a picture showing the difference in size.

11995733_10206845933763609_1127299117_nToday I cleaned out and organized my kitchen and my craft room.  Some items that fit perfectly in the 2.5 gallon ziplocs today included:


  1. All of my owner’s manuals (appliances, electronics, etc)
  2. Present wrapping supplies
  3. Party supplies (crepe paper)
  4. Rolls of ribbon
  5. Paper (construction, card stock, etc)
  6. Christmas balls

11998732_10206845832761084_670798183_nI love them for my freezer meal exchanges because they are perfect to fit all of the components of my monthly freezer meals (the main dish and the sides).  Imagine taking home ten different meals and imagine how different parts of various meals may get mixed up.  Having all of the components in one large bag is great!

11755823_10206583463002004_3473715014815197683_nHow much do they cost?

Walmart charges $3.17 for them.  They come in boxes of 12.  One box will get you well on your way to an organized house. I searched Pinterest and found different ways to use them in your organization.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they would be PERFECT to store your child’s artwork and important papers that they come home from school with!



Moving Tips

32f418da662050302968724891bd11a1My question for you is this:  Who is ready to get some 2.5 Gallon bags?

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