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In Search of the Perfect Sippy Cup

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Sippy Cup Problems

Have you ever had sippy cup problems?  You have purchased all of them to figure out which one is the best.  You are tired of leaking sippy cups on in your car, on your sofa, and on the carpet.  The WORST is a leaking milk sippy cup!

I have FINALLY found two winners.  


The First Years Sippy Cups, Insulated, Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

12048978_10206947140213707_1055384844_nWhy they are so awesome

  • They don’t leak
  • They don’t have that plastic anti-leak valve-.  I HATE the plastic anti-leak valves!  We always lost them!  Not having them just makes sense.

Price: $7.37 for two



The Contigo Water Bottle for kids

12047393_10206946915448088_646284245_nWhy they are so awesome

  • I have to pack water bottles for Charlotte’s Mother’s Day Out.  My friend Jen told me about these.  The new Contigo ones have straws that are attached to the lids!


  • I can’t stand water bottles that have straws that come unattached.  Why?  Because we lose them!!!!!  They are just like the plastic anti-leak valves, an extra part to lose! If the straw is ATTACHED to the lid, you can’t lose it!


Price:  10.99


****Costco sells them in packs of three for $22.00

My question for you is this: Who is ready to buy a sippy cup?

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