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Protecting Your Best Asset

keep-calm-and-take-care-of-your-skin-9Today’s blog post was inspired by a friend who asked if she could send me a product to use and write an honest review. I was hesitant because I have never done this before and was paranoid that I might hate the product and then what would I do?IMG_7373My friend Amy is a consultant for Rodan Fields and sells skin care products to consumers through direct marketing. I actually have about four or five other friends who sell Rodan Fields products as well. I have heard good things about the products in general but have been too cheap to try them out.1013221_10206618342605664_7273594319828316818_nHere is my honest review on the Rodan and Fields Reverse Regimen.

After I agreed to try the product and write a review, Amy told my to go to a website and answer questions about my face to determine which product would be most appropriate for my skin. I thought she would send me a tube of something, but instead, a few days later I was surprised to see an entire regime show up in my mail box. I received a box of 5 products belonging to the reverse regimen. I am in my late 30s and have never taken care of my skin. I have previously went to the dermatologist for sun spots on my face. These spots have always bothered me, but not enough to take care of my skin.

After the initial shock of having a large package of different items, I decided that I was ready to get started. I followed the regime exactly how the directions read. The first couple of weeks you use the products once a day and then gradually you go to using the products morning and night.IMG_7417

Here is what I would do:
Wash my face with the Deep Exfoliating Wash
Next I would put the Intensive Brightening Toner on my face
Then I would combine a small dot of the Vitamin C and Retinol Formula
Finally, I would use the Light Weight SPF 50 Sunscreen moisturizer

I have used the product religiously for about 2 months and here is my honest review.

What I liked about the product:
It was very easy and fast to use.
I get overwhelmed shopping for skin care items and have no idea what I am supposed to use. This provided me with the exact products that were appropriate for my age.
It forced me to actually take care of my skin. My whole life I have been very lazy about washing my face at night and using a moisturizer and SPF.
I still have about half of the product left and I have been using it for a lengthy period of time.
I knew exactly what I was putting on my face.
It did not cause my skin to break out.
I actually had a few friends compliment my skin after I started using the product.
I researched the product and found that it was legitimate and had thousands of people who swear by its results.IMG_7620

Here is what I did not like about the product:
Overall I really liked the product, but my only concern is the retail price. This product can be a bit pricy, but I will say that it lasts a long time.

Would I recommend this product?
Yes, I would recommend this product to my friends and family who don’t mind spending money on a good, quality, laboratory tested product. Buying the entire package is very convenient. If you don’t want to buy the entire regime, I would recommend finding an exfoliating wash and sunscreen moisturizer at the drugstore and buying the vitamin c and retinol formula, along with the brightening toner. I read an article that said women in their 30s need to start using some type of Retinol product. In the 2 months that I have been using the products, I have noticed that my sunspots are lightening and my skin feels better.IMG_8593I really was not comfortable accepting such an expensive product to review, so I ended up pay-pallig Amy my best estimate on what the product cost her. She insisted that she didn’t want me to pay her anything, but I felt better about reviewing the product knowing that I had some of my money invested in the skin care products.FullSizeRender-2If you would like to buy any of her products, here is a link to her website. Also, if you are interested in becoming a Rodan Fileds Rep, I know Amy would be someone fun to work with. She has an awesome personality and she and her group have a great time selling the product.

From Amy, “For anyone that takes the solution tool and has results emailed to themselves and decides to become a customer they can become a preferred customer for free AND get a gift from me! The solution tool can be found on my product site here.”

FullSizeRenderMy question for you, who is ready to start taking care of their skin and protecting their best asset?

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