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Putting Things In Perspective

stay-positiveToday’s blog is a guest blog from our awesome friend Amy Brandt!!!!

Putting things in perspective

This has been on my mind a lot lately and after reading a friend’s Facebook page for her sick child- ( Prayers for Kannan. #kannanstrong.) I knew I had to write about putting things into perspective. Everyone can always use a gentle reminder to appreciate all of your blessings.

I read a lot of blogs and am a follower of many prayer/update pages on ill people. Every time I read any updates, I always appreciate what I have. I have no idea how people find strength to get through such hard times. It is so inspiring. There are so many people I know and don’t know, who are going through such trying times. Husbands who have cancer, children who are very ill, people who have been laid off…. All things I don’t have to worry about at this moment.tumblr_inline_mnsn77esim1rdzvabAnytime I have something tough to deal with, I always think about the heavier stuff others are dealing with. When my child throws a temper tantrum it is annoying and I don’t like it, but I often think..there are lots of people who are dying to deal with temper tantrums but won’t be able to for various reasons.

I guess the whole point I’m trying to make is, don’t sweat the small stuff and appreciate what you do have! People get so easily caught up with what they don’t have instead of taking a step back to appreciate what they do have.smalls-tuff-quote

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