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Seattle One Year Later Part 1

blogger-image--15733457My grandmother passed away over a year ago and my mom has spent the last 8 months cleaning out her house in Seattle. My grandmother was a “collector” hoarder and had amassed a lifetime of stuff. She spent many years traveling to Asia and buying items that she could sell out of her house Seattle house.  During the summer of 2014 all four daughters and some of the grandkids flew up to Seattle to help my mom go though the stuff.1796851_10203400743887879_1489081562_oWe knew she had a lot of stuff, but we really weren’t prepared for what we found when we got to the house. I have watched a few episodes of Hoarders and I could not help feel that if we would have known how bad it was, we would have emailed the show. The huge house had a million rooms filled with stuff from floor to ceiling. The stuff included personal sentimental items, collectibles, weird/funny items, and junk….lots and lots and lots of junk.blogger-image-634187408The plan was that Mom, April, Michelle, Christa, Morgan and myself would work morning to night cleaning out the house. After a few days we would have a huge estate sale. The only hard part was that Finley and Charlotte were both babies and needed to be watched. The kids were great sports about spending days upstairs in one large room watching tv and playing games. Months later my mom’s wonderful friend Ms. Pat Smith even flew up to spend several days of her life going through this chaos.blogger-image-1373798537I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. Having all the sisters and our mom together celebrating the life of my grandmother was awesome. We laughed, cried, went psycho…every emotion we went through. I blogged about our adventure on my family blog and thought that I would do a re-cap/update of this crazy experience. We only stayed a week, but my mom decided that after the house was cleaned out she was going to flip it and make some extra money. This is up my mom’s alley because our whole life she has redone houses, rooms, furniture, and patios.blogger-image-513757318I spent the entire trip as the designated historian.  I had my camera phone ready every time someone found something bizarre. blogger-image--609163746

blogger-image-1664741747This experience had so many components, I have decided to break up the post over the course of a few days.


Christa and I flew to Seattle with 4 small kids and LOTS of baby gear.blogger-image-1998012250We arrived in Seattle and started working right away!blogger-image-1381302479

11825998_10207505904794336_3060448658878174937_nWe immediately got to work and each took a room to sort. blogger-image-1427477475

blogger-image--647388525Once we cleaned a section, we would set it up so that people could browse.  There was so much stuff we started having little systems to make the process easier.




blogger-image--864966343We have never laughed so hard finding unique items.  Also, another bonus to this craziness was that anything we found that we wanted we got to take home with us.  My mom was renting a large truck to transport stuff, so we all just made piles of things we wanted. 


blogger-image-175165105We never found just ONE of an item, but instead 10, 20, 30 of an item.blogger-image--2009158853blogger-image-1583185444So there you have it, the first day of our adventure.  Tomorrow I will start sharing funny stories of things that happened while we were there.

My question for you, have you ever experienced anything close to this?

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