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Seattle One Year Later Part 2

blogger-image--1374796689Day 2 was pretty much the same as day 1, we kept finding a million of the same items. We found 30 Christmas trees! We worked and worked and worked more. The babies and kids were bored. The plan was to have the estate sale the next day.blogger-image-307310728Day 3 was the day of the big sale!blogger-image--425138565We sold a lot of stuff and for the most part family drama was kept to a minimal (not withstanding mom coming out every once and a while yelling at us in front of customers that our prices were too cheap)…We were surprised that the tacky stuff that we thought would never sell were popular items.  We posted weird pictures on Facebook and lots of our friends gave us Pinterest ideas!!!blogger-image-272337599blogger-image--1562413860The highlights of the day:  

The garbage collector parked his huge truck on a two way street, got out, made traffic go around him, and ran to the house to peak and see what  was being sold. The postman did the same thing.blogger-image--1081307264Michelle caught a Bulgarian woman April met on the plane (she told the lady about the estate sale) switching tags.  Michelle went nuts!

Morgan and April were craving Pho from a Vietnamese restaurant down the street. They did a quick google search and couldn’t help laughing about one of the reviews.”The food is awesome if you can get past the fact that it is located at the corner of ghetto and ghetto”. They ordered the food and the review was spot on.blogger-image--606418542Day 4:  Another day of craziness that you can only understand if you are there.  The entire time we were selling, my mom was lowering more stuff from the third floor. We noticed the same people coming back and back and back again. 

The area of town we were in is a bit sketchy. Christa said she was sick of seeing drug dealers walking by. Quote from Christa “You start to turn into the clientele…I had my chapstick, cash, and phone in my bra all day and nobody batted an eye”

blogger-image--1178646730All day long we found creepy clowns.  Michelle handed me a clown frame that appeared to be new.  I was very surprised to open the bubble wrap and see a picture of the young Skelly girls.blogger-image--295913213Other highlights of the day:

My mom went psycho when Morgan accidentally sold a pitchfork that she wanted to keep.  My mom was yelling from the third floor at this poor guy who just wanted the fork.  Mom won.blogger-image-863371231blogger-image--1515480225Mom was throwing/handing stuff from the second story to the ground. A few customers got hit. Interestingly enough she found a huge box of vintage lingerie. It probably came from the 40s, 50s, or 60s and has never been worn. It was a very cool find.

blogger-image-997057725Isabella found a horse that you pull the string and it either nays or screams. We also found a Christmas clock that plays a different Christmas song every hour. blogger-image--738627300The slightly inappropriate, but funny story of the day.  My mom was hanging out the second story when she started yelling “who needs a douche bag, who wants a douche bag”? I was mortified and was wondering what a douche bag was. Apparently there is an actual device that women used years ago to keep clean (I will spare the details). My grandmother had several she wanted to sell (this is so gross on so many levels). As my mom was joking out of the second story window, she would say to the older ladies “you remember these don’t you?” A while later Christa came downstairs and April and I start to tell her about the awkward story. The conversation then turns to douching, why doctors say you shouldn’t, etc. My 19 year old nephew finally says “ladies, ladies, you have to stop talking about that stuff”. blogger-image-1536057174We were so tired of being at the house, that evening we took the kids to the Space Needle! blogger-image--1359123765Day 5:   The novelty and craziness of the situation is starting to get old. We are tired and the kids are sick and tired of being stuck up in a large room upstairs all day. This day validated hoarding.  The same people kept coming back, so much so that we knew them by their first names and they answered questions to other “customers”.blogger-image--844601894


The people across the street must have come a million times and bought a million items of junk. I remember him boasting that he had 5 kids. At one point Morgan looks across the street and starts yelling “there is a small child on the second story roof”. The “hoarder” looked across the street and yelled for the (4 or 5 year old to get back in the house) and then kept shopping. Really!!!blogger-image--1655373759At some point a Chinese man started asking loudly, “Where is Jesus, where is Jesus (he was looking for a figurine)?” Christa replied to the man “Jesus is everywhere”. He wasn’t amused. 

Christa ran upstairs excited about finding a couple “bed in a bags”. I didn’t understand. She was referring to a purse that contained a matching wrap dress, hat, and wallet. We each kept one.blogger-image--1826513576We let so bad the kids were bored that we found a double stroller and walked the kids to a nearby Japanese garden. blogger-image--1883327420And that is it….That is our crazy experience.  I will end the blog with pictures of the house after my mom fixed it up.  She did a great job and it is currently under contract!  We are just so glad that she is back down south!11754409_10207505855393101_280516218345007647_o







11794445_10207505855233097_1822049459755362250_oMy question for you, can you believe my mom was successful with this house transformation?

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    September 15, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    Wow, I would have been so overwhelmed with all that. Y’all are awesome. The house looks amazing now thought! What a great layout and view! Your poor grandmother didn’t get to enjoy it amongst all that clutter.

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