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Simple Low Fat (Really Tasty) Dessert



Last night I was dying for a super delicious dessert.  My sister was at a Taylor Swift concert and I am pretty sure she was not good on her diet.  I knew that I needed to be good so I decided to make something healthy.  My friends in my weight loss challenge group that DID NOT go to Taylor Swift were trying to throw out some ideas for snacks.


Frozen Yogurt?

Bananas or Strawberries?

We all wanted a glass of wine with a REAL dessert.

I decided to make something at home that I had all the ingredients for:

Microwave Cinnamon Apples With Whip Cream

It ended up tasting SOOOO good and was actually not that bad (calorie wise).

What you need:

PicMonkey Collage




fat free cool whip



*Take your apple slices and put them in a bowl

*mix cinnamon and sweetener together and pour over apples

*take saran wrap and wrap the top of the bowl with no bubbles

*microwave apples for five minutes

*take out and serve with fat free whip cream


My daughters, Paige and Charlotte loved it!


My question for you:  Who is ready to try this dessert?

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    May 19, 2016 at 9:14 pm

    I’m gonna try that!! Can’t be too many carbs for this low carb diabetic lol Thanks for posting!

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