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What to buy/not buy at Costco and Sams

UntitledOne of the things about having a family of eight (two adults, five kids, and a dog) is that we go shopping A LOT!  We do a million loads of laundry a week, wash a million dishes, go the the bathroom a lot, throw away lots of trash, and eat a ton. This week I had ENOUGH when my teenage daughter “got on to me” for eating one of the snacks that could possibly go in her lunch.  In her mind, she feels that I am only allowed to eat food in the house that none of the kids would want to pack in their lunch or eat as a snack at anytime.

 I lost it.  

 I informed my daughter that I would be eating WHATEVER I wanted at ANYTIME I wanted….because guess what???? “I PAY FOR THE FOOD and THIS IS MY HOUSE!

 I get tired of hearing the kids say “We have no snacks in the house!”

 Corrin and I drove to Costco today and I loaded up.  I bought enough snacks, paper towels, toilet paper, and other items to last me for a long time.  I know that I did not save money on these items but for me it was about saving time.  I bought  in bulk so hopefully I will go to the store less, thus saving money in the long run. 11949777_10206794891927595_1147354177_nThis trip got me to thinking….

What are things I SHOULD buy at Cosco/Sams and what are things am I better off buying at the grocery store or Target and Walmart?

 I found an article on Kimplinger.com discussing this very thing!

According to Kimplinger.com

Things to buy at Coscto or Sams

  1. Batteries
  2. Laundry Detergent (only if you can use a large size fast…because there is about a six month shelf life on a lot of them)
  3. Liquor
  4. Meat
  5. Peanut Butter
  6. Prescription Medicine

Things my friends posted are must buys:

Costco Baby Wipes

Costco or Sams pizza

Rotisserie chicken, steak, fish, organic milk, flushable wipes,prepared food dishes

organic (eggs, Colby-Jack cheese, spinach, spring mix, carrots, chicken and beef)

fresh chicken salad, bed pillows, eggs, pre-cooked bacon, organic milk, organic pjs for the kids

fruits, wild caught frozen fish (salmon and mahi mahi), wine

clothes, cheese, gifts, extra thick aluminum foil, totillia chips, salsa, happy baby pouches, shampoo, vitamins, fig bars, fruit snacks,backpacks, pretzel rolls, wrapping supplies

chicken breast packs, Butterball Turkey packs, pork tenderloin, beef, Kirkland dog food, pasta, 

from me: large aluminum pans for cooking, brownie mixes

 Items to buy at the Grocery Store/Walmart/or Target

  1. Canned vegetables
  2. milk and eggs
  3. Paper products
  4. Produce (because you usually can’t eat it fast enough)   


5. Diapers (you can find them cheaper at the other stores)

from me (Costco diapers..HORRIBLE)

 11992249_10206794892207602_1480552639_nI cleaned out my laundry room and am very thankful for the shelves my mom built me.  I put all of the snack  and paper items in this location in order for my kitchen pantry to be less cluttered.

I feel at peace for the moment that I don’t have to worry about dinner (because of my freezer meal club) and school lunches.  

My question for you:   Do you have this problem in your house?

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