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Being A “Sneaky” Parent When It Comes To Food!

mr-crabToday’s blog is from our wonderful friend, mother, wife, Jessica!  She is awesome!!!11063606_1605271999761960_6852342985093531063_nMy kids are not the healthy eaters I hoped they’d be. I remember hearing stories of kids only eating chicken nuggets or mac and cheese and just praying that wouldn’t be my kid. Well, guess what? It happened. And rather than fighting them everyday I’ve learned to get creative and try to sneak veggies in where ever I can. One of the easiest ways to sneak vegetables into their food is with pouches. I work for Happy Family brands so of course they are my favorite pouches to use. IMG_4488This recipe I’m sharing was bred out of desperation. We had nothing for breakfast except pancake mix, milk and a Happy Family apple, spinach and kale pouch.IMG_4489-2 I quickly whipped this recipe up and now Jett asks for it all the time. I have modified it and finally gotten it where it comes out perfect every time. I have tried these and they are YUMMY! IMG_4485Healthy Pancakes
1 cup pancake mix (I use Bob’s Organic 7 grain pancake mix)
½ cup milk
1 egg
2.5 oz chosen pouch (you can use whatever you have on hand but I use Happy Family apple, kale and spinach)

I usually have about 1 oz. left in the pouch and let JJ eat the rest.
Mix together and cook! I love to serve with pure Maple Syrup. It’s a little more expensive but it doesn’t have any added ingredients.IMG_4486-2 This is such an easy and healthy breakfast and my kids gobble them down every time! IMG_4461A few other ways I have found to sneak veggies into my kids food:
Put squash or sweet potato pouches into mac and cheese or spaghetti
Squeeze a pouch into a popsicle mold and give to kids for a tasty snack
Pour a pouch over oatmeal or yogurt in the morning
Add pouches to smoothies for extra veggies (try Happy Family Love my Veggies pouches for a FULL serving of veggies)

Our question for you, how do you try and “sneak” healthy options into your kids food?

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