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DIY: Framing Large Family Photos

IMG_9603-3Today’s blog post was inspired by my pest control guy.  A few weeks ago we called the pest control company to come spray because we had ants in our kitchen.  One of the workers was this really nice man who complimented my large framed family photos.  He mentioned that he would love to do something like this in his own home. IMG_9605I told him I did it myself and if I can do it, anyone can do it!  I will admit I had help from Christa, but ultimately this project was not hard and gave me some confidence that I could do this in the future!IMG_9610Step 1:  Take high resolution pictures (or have someone take pictures for you).  We have a wonderful photographer named Neelee who lives in Cypress and has taken beautiful photos at a very reasonable price.  The photos I chose for this project were taken at Brad’s 40th birthday party last year by Neelee.IMG_9608Step 2:  Have Walgreens print them in a large size.

Step 3:  Go to Hobby Lobby and buy the frames when they are 50% off (which is most of the time!). Pick out a matt and have the Hobby Lobby employee cut it for you. Pay a small fee to have the employee attach hooks to the back so they can hang on the wall. 

Step 4: Frame yourself and hang on wall!

Overall, I am really happy with how this project turned out.  You don’t have to blow up your pictures as large as mine, but instead choose an appropriate size for your space.  

IMG_9603-2My pictures are approximately 3 ft by 2.5 ft. I know I saved hundreds of dollars by doing them myself. Christa helped our friend Jessica do the same thing at her house.10502092_1543672305921930_2475959132373659931_nChrista used to have black and white family pictures on her wall, but recently changed them to Neele’s colored pictures!
IMG_9613My question for you, who is ready to frame some family pictures that are just lying around?

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