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Getting Back to the Basics

getting back to the basicsGetting back to the basics

I am sure that you are like me and are tired of turning on the news and hearing about mass shootings in schools, movie theaters, and other places.  When you have a young man going into an elementary school and gunning down little children, you realize that the world is seriously going mad.

How does this happen?

I am not going to use this blog post to get into to a debate on gun control or mental illness.  You cannot think that a young man who guns down innocent children is mentally sane.  I am only going to urge you guys to get back to the basics.

We are totally saturated in the “me” generation.  Everything is about “me” and what is best for “me.”  I am going to do what is best for me and what feels good for me.  We are in a materialistic society that places more value on “things” than on what matters the most.

People are all chasing the American dream, wealth and health.  How can I amass a huge amount of wealth so I can buy myself what I feel entitled to?  Is it wrong to want to make more money and have nice things?  Absolutely not…But what is the most important thing in life?

Ok Christa, get to the point….you are talking way too much…

The point of this blog is simple:  Get to Church.  I don’t care what religion you are and the details of your faith.  Find a church that you connect with and start going.  Take your kids there.  Brad and I are the Godparents of a sweet baby, Olivia.  The priest told all of us, take your kids to church.  Do not let them have a choice if they go or not. Take your children to church.  

It is Sunday morning.  We have all had a hard week.  We have fun Saturday night and want to sleep in on Sunday morning and just “enjoy” the day.  You can still enjoy the day, but go to church.  

We need to instill in our kids that the most important thing in the world is God.  We are nothing without him.  


Can I sacrifice an hour a week?

Even if you don’t feel like going, your soul will be better after going to church.  I woke up this morning and wanted to just stay in bed forever.  I will admit that Sunday mornings are very stressful for our family.  I have four teenaged kids that I have to make sure are ready on time and are dressed in clothes that are respectful for Mass.  I cannot tell you the amount of mornings I get to church and have to pray at first for God to forgive me for going psycho for being late or the kids trying to wear hoochy mommy clothing to church.

Back to this morning

I just wanted to stay in bed and chill.  We went to Mass and it was awesome.  The priest was amazing and the Homily was about marriages.  Marriage is hard.  Even if both parties are madly in love with each other, marriage is still hard.   It was so amazing.  Everyone clapped when he was done.  I was thankful that I got to listen to this beautiful message and my husband was equally moved.  Sometimes I get a lot out of Mass, other times I don’t.  The important thing is that I am there. 

I walked into church and the first person I saw was my friend, Lindsey.  She is literally one of the NICEST people I know.  She is beautiful inside and out.  It is nice to see people you know and have a bond with them.  Corrin showed up today with the girls and said that one of the reasons she was there was because Lindsey is so sweet and excited about our church.  She is on a committee to help gather the people in our community and have fellowship with them! It made her day when Lindsey came up to her and gave her the biggest hug! 11822825_10152934613266436_6721204801725494274_nEven if you don’t enjoy every Sunday’s message or church service, get your family and your kids in the routine of going to church.  My parents rarely missed mass.  Our family was not perfect but this was something that they felt was important to pass on to us.  In college, I didn’t feel right not going to Mass.  As an adult, my week is SO much better when I go to Mass and don’t skip.  

We have to get back to the basics.  What is the most important thing in life?  God.  Period.  We have to get back into the habit of making God important.  Let’s show God how important he is by giving up one hour of our lives to go to church.  

My sisters and I dated guys in our past who believed in God but said they “didn’t believe in organized religion.”  TRANSLATION:  I am way too lazy to get to church and to put God above ME.  

Humble yourself.   If you were raised  (Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, whatever) and don’t get anything out of that church, find a church where you connect to God and go.  Stop making excuses.  

Our kids are the next generation who will be running America.  Do we want a group of entitled brats running our country or a group of humbled Americans who put God first?

Ok, Christa…thanks for the preachy preachy

I don’t care what your faith is but we have to start putting God first.  If you raise your kids with God as number one in their life, do you think it would be a little bit harder for them to shoot up an elementary school, movie theater, or college?

Our number one job on this earth is to teach our kids to love God, be good people, and to spread his word.  Are we doing this?

My question for you is this:  Who is ready to go to church on Sunday?

I challenge everyone who is reading this to go to church this Sunday.  If you don’t have a church, find one to attend.  Let’s start showing our children first hand that God is truly important. The proof is in the pudding.  

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