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Halloween Costumes…Skelly Style

halloween1Halloween is such a fun holiday because it allows kids and adults to dress up in costumes, have parties, and eat lots of candy.  Growing up, I have great memories of different Halloween costumes.  My mom made most of our costumes.  I remember her making a crayon costume for Corrin and I and it falling apart as the night went on (literally).  I remember my parents going with their neighbors to a party as the Fruit of the Loom gang (Village Green:).


I feel that the best costumes are definitely the home made ones that a lot of thought and effort have gone into them.  My kids are all very creative.  One of my favorite costumes was the year Allison went as a Mummy.  She took a bed sheet and just cut it into pieces and wrapped it around her body.  We bought white face paint and she was set.

halloween4For years I talked about wanting to be a cheerleader with a knife stuck in my back.  I was never a cheerleader but had heard stories of how some cheerleaders could be mean girls.  Finally, I got myself together and put together the costume.  I thought it was pretty funny.  I’m not sure if cheerleaders or former cheerleaders would find the costume as funny as I found it.


halloween6One of the magical things about Halloween is the excitement you see in your children’s eyes!!!!  They are thrilled to go to door to door and ask for candy that they normally wouldn’t be able to get (or eat!).





1450871_10152873910172837_1205616270_nLast year, Allison and her friends came up with cute homemade outfits. 

10389468_10204468677933699_4284434031911015031_nKid’s Halloween costumes do not have to be fancy.  You can stumble upon them…..


12038153_10206965644436301_686136504399295003_nAdult Halloween parties are always fun to go to.  If you are looking for a fun costume, you could always be….



halloween5Couple costumes are cute too.

halloween7I have always wanted to do a family Halloween costume theme.  Here are some cute ones that I found!







bcf5d50d8a92ce7006653d24a91fdbafFinally, here are some single person costumes that I thought were cute and easy…






My question for you is this:  What are you going to be for Halloween?

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