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Holy Crockpot, You Make Desserts?!?!

71c6uvos4IL._SL1350_Today’s blog was inspired by our freezer meal cookbook.  We have spent days and days proofing the freezer meal cookbook so that all of our friends and family (and ourselves) are extremely proud of the product.  
IMG_9626While Christa and I were working on the book, we saw a Facebook video showing a 3 ingredient crock pot dessert.
IMG_9628I LOVE my crock pot and have always been fascinated with using it for reasons other than a “main meal”.  I have never used it for things other than roasts, chicken, and queso!
IMG_9629Back to the recipe! I was intrigued when I saw a 3 ingredient cobbler type dessert.  I wanted to try it out to see if it was worth all of the hype!
IMG_9631The directions called for 3 ingredients: 2 cans of apple or peach pie mix in a can, 1 box of spice cake mix, and 2 sticks of butter (8 oz).  IMG_9634Drumroll….How did it turn out??? I dumped 2 cans of peach pie mix in the bottom of the crock pot.  I then dumped a spice cake mix on top. I then placed 2 sticks of butter on the top and closed the lid. I baked for about 2 hours 15 minutes. When it was done I just stirred everything in the pot. IMG_9635I can honestly say this was one of the best desserts ever! The only item I was missing was vanilla ice cream on top! The dessert was so good and so simple to make.  I don’t think I have made an easier dessert! It was hot and had the perfect cobbler taste.  My kids scarfed it down. 

My question for you. Who is ready to find more delicious  crock pot desserts?

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