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How Many Gallons of Water Can You Save a Year By Peeing in the Shower?

life hacks 1TGIF!!!!!!  How about a fun post today to celebrate the weekend!

How many gallons of water can you save a year by peeing in the shower?

According to the fun youtube life hacks video….

1157 gallons of water saved a year.  We have seven in our family so our family could potentially save 8,099 gallons of water a year!  The Wilson and Wilcox families combined can save 13,884 gallons of water a year by peeing in the shower!  That is the easiest way to conserve that I have heard in a long time.  (according to an article on money saving and water use, that is about $130 dollars savings a year…if we all peed in the shower in the morning instead of using the toilet.  Now I am thinking of all the things we could buy if we made a pact and agreed to pee in the shower every morning.  (26 Starbucks drinks; 86 Red Box movie rentals; 13 bottles of (according to Brad real expensive wine)….just to name a few….

I love looking at life hacks.  Every once in awhile I will try one to see if it really makes my life easier.  I came across a youtube life hacks video that is great.  Here are a few more interesting things from the video: (Just a friendly disclaimer:  I have no idea how much of this is true) The video is pretty fun if you want to see all twenty.  

  1. Take Vitamin B complex in the summer. Insects and mosquitos don’t like the way it tastes and will stay away.

    2. If you find a lost driver’s licences, drop it in a mailbox and the United  States Post Office will get it to its owner.

   3. Want to make your essays longer?  Hit control and F.  Then search for (.)  Change the font size of the period from 12 to 14. They look the same but will make your paper significantly longer. This one is hilarious to me.  How many times in college did I have to check the word count of my paper? Who would think about changing the size of the period?  HA!

4. Have something in your eye?  Hold your eyelid down and blink several times.

5. Want extra cash?  You can sell your study notes on flashnotes.com.  Are you a worker bee?  This is perfect for you!  If you are in class and take beautiful notes, why not make some money?

6. If you ever get caught with a crocodile running after you, run in a zig zag pattern.  They have a hard time running with sharp turns.  I am from Louisiana and my parents live on the bayou….so this is actually a possibility…not a crocodile…but an alligator.  Now I know I need to zig zag run!  

Now for the visual lifehacks that can be useful.  







My question for you is this:  Who is ready to have a serious family meeting about water conservation?

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