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I Heart PayPal

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I heart Paypal

This blog was inspired because I just assumed that most people have a PayPal account.  I ordered some cookbooks for people and told everyone to “just Paypal me the money” using my email.  I soon found out that most of the people I know DON’T have a Paypal account. (For the people mailing me a check, I am completely ok with that.  I will immediately deposit it on my phone.)

What is PayPal?


Paypal is a service that allows you to put your bank and credit card information into their server.  When you are ready to send money or buy things, Paypal will take care of the transaction (using your details).  The people you pay or buy something from will not be able to see your credit card or bank details.

Why should I sign up for PayPal?

I want to tell a quick story but the short answer is that it will make so many things in your life a lot easier.  I will explain.

I have a friend, Jessica, who I feel is in the dark ages when it comes to banking.  She still goes to her bank for all of her transactions.  This seems very weird to me because most banks have mobile apps where you can instantly download checks you may receive.  I don’t even remember the last time I went to a bank to deposit a check.  I just take a picture of it and deposit in through my mobile app.  Ok, back to Paypal.  We started a weight loss challenge at the beginning of the year.  All nine members had to pay me $50 since I was the one collecting the funds.  Most of my friends immediately emailed me the $50 through Paypal.  Jessica had to go through the old fashion way and send me a check.  I told her she was crazy for not having Paypal.  She said “I know I know.”  She didn’t feel like taking the time to sign up for it.  Fast forward to the second weight loss challenge.  Our friend Tracy was collecting the money.  Again, I started bullying Jessica.  “You need to get with the program girl, take time, and sign up for Paypal.”  She finally sat down at a computer and did it.

Fast forward to today.  Me “Jessica, are you glad I bullied you into signing up for Paypal?”  Jessica “YES!!!!!!!!  It is so convenient and has made my life so much easier on many occasions.  I have used it several times since I signed up.  Thank you for making me do it.”


Why do I love PayPal?

I can instantly send people money.  

I can easily receive money.

I don’t have to find a stamp and an envelope.

When I am making purchases online and they have PayPal, I don’t have to take out my credit card and type the long number.  I just have to log in with my easy username and password.

Many stores now have the option of paying through Paypal.  If I go to Lowes, I don’t have to bring any money, I can just type in my Paypal information at the register.

Is it hard to set up PayPal?

No.  It will take a few minutes of your life but will save you tons of time in the long run.

Is it safe?

Yes, there is protection through Paypal for transactions.

What else?

Here is the deal about sending and receiving money.  You have to set this up with your bank account details.  If you don’t, everytime you send money, you will have to pay a fee (like a credit card fee).  If you have your PayPal set up through your bank account, every time you send or receive money, you will pay no fee.  There is a limit of $10,000 a day that you can send or receive.

When you set up your bank account details, they will wait a day to take out a penny from your account to verify that it is your bank account.  

When you receive money from someone, it takes about three days to show up in your bank account. When you send money to someone, they instantly get it.  It will just take a few days for it to show up in their bank account when they transfer the money.  Let me repeat that again.  When someone emails you money through PayPal, you will receive the email immediately.  However, it will take a few days to show up in your account (after you transfer it).  It does not automatically go into your bank account when you see an email from PayPal that someone sent you money.  

What about my credit card?

You can also attach your credit card details if you want to use your credit card when paying for something online.  

If you are still in the dark ages like my friend Jessica was, you will be very happy if you sign up for a Paypal account and use it.  One sad thing about this blog is that Paypal is giving me no money to rave about their service.  I wrote this blog because I want to make your life easier!

My question for you is this:  Who is ready to sign up for PayPal to easily send and receive cash?

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