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It’s Fall Y’all! Time To Organize Before The Holidays!

FullSizeRender-2Yes, I will admit this was my playroom!  I was looking for a harmonica my father-in-law bought for my kids (very ironic because harmonicas can sometimes be annoying noise makers) and started tearing the playroom a part. I didn’t really tear it a part per say because it was already a pretty unorganized mess.  Every time he would visit he would joke that the harmonica was lost forever.  I was determined to prove him wrong, thus this project began.
IMG_9486This project just happened to occur simultaneously while my mom was visiting and decided that in the one year we have owned our house, my kitchen has always bothered her.  She was right to be annoyed because truth be told my kitchen was VERY unorganized and lots of space wasn’t being utilized properly. IMG_9672For my part (the game room), I spent the entire day sorting through toys, donating the million fast food trinkets, and pulling out games from a closet so that we could see what we had. A lot of the chaos occurred because I never properly organized the building blocks, legos, craft supplies, and other items. We had cute large bins that ultimately a million random items would be thrown in while trying to make the room look presentable. This laziness only caused the game room to look worse and worse and then nobody wanted to use it. 

IMG_9495When I started the project I thought it would take me days.  In truth it took me about 6 hours. I had large trash bags for trash and for donation.  I put some of the baby toys in very large bags clear bags (purchased at Lowes) because I am not sure what I want to do with them. IMG_9491

IMG_9492-2While I worked upstairs, my mom worked and worked organizing my kitchen.  The main improvement she made was that she built extra shelving units into all of my cabinets so that things were not just thrown into a cabinet. She used long shelves from Lowes that she would cut according to the right dimensions. IMG_9509I can honestly say it has been about a month since she organized my kitchen and it is still together! IMG_9673I want to encourage everyone to take a room (or closet) in their house and organize it.  The holidays are coming and everyone knows that you won’t feel like organizing in November and December and you will probably be buying/receiving more stuff for your house!

The good news is that I found the harmonica that I promised my father-in-law that I still had!  I actually found a lot of toys and crafts that were still in packages.  They got lost in the chaos of disorganization and now the girls have new stuff to play with. Also, I have found that my house stays cleaner longer after organizing these two rooms because everything has a place!

My question for you, who is ready to come finish organizing the rest of my house?  I’m joking!

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