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Life Is Short…Don’t Settle!!!

154-dont-settle1Today’s blog was inspired by a playdate we had yesterday in our neighborhood. As we were leaving, one of my sweet neighbors joked to his wife and her friends that they had to get home because Kendra Scott just released a new line and maybe “mommy” had a surprise waiting for her. Of course all the ladies around gushed and said he was THE BEST HUSBAND EVER…and to please tell our husbands what he did.

That got me thinking. My friend has such a sweet husband (as most of us do) and we are all lucky that we did’t settle. Yes, there were subpar people that we previously dated/married, but thankfully we kept our standards high and did not settle.

If there is something in your life that you are not happy with, CHANGE IT!!!! Quit talking about it and JUST DO IT!!!!dontsettle-02Are you not happy with your weight? Don’t settle…Start walking, join a gym, get some workout buddies…Don’t settle.

Do you have people in your life that don’t treat you the way you feel you should be treated? Don’t settle…move on…make new friends. Surround yourself with positive people.

Do you find yourself being a Debbie Downer with negative thoughts….constantly complaining? Don’t settle. Figure out why you are unhappy and fix it. Start putting yourself first and taking care of yourself.27865d75dd25e73036f5e1a52029ecaaAre you tired of having to wait 5 minutes in a Starbucks line to get your fancy coffee? Don’t settle, find a Starbucks with a shorter line.

Are you tired of having to watch kid shows all of the time? Don’t settle. Tell your kids that now that they are 2, they will learn to like Dateline and 20/20!

Are you tired of McDonalds getting your order wrong? Don’t settle. Go to Chick Filet. It’s better anyway.

Are you tired of all the political debates? Don’t settle. Move to North Korea or Cuba. You won’t have that problem!

I know I started this blog serious and then started joking, but seriously people…don’t settle.bigstock-Gold-Fish-67664275-583x388My question for you, what are you going to stop settling for?

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    Connie Rischman
    October 15, 2015 at 12:42 pm

    Well said………I love the one about the debates!

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