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Netflix Cheating

6fc154645538e4f9a62cd7e60c661a37Have you ever been guilty? Do you even know what I am talking about?

Netflix cheating is when you and your significant other finally find a series that you both like and want to watch together.  It sounds perfect until you realize lives aren’t perfect and people have different schedules. Yes, you start off watching one or two, or ten episodes together, but inevitably one person wants to keep going and the other one wants to hold you back.

This is the first world problem that my husband Dave and I have in our house. He is a late owl and I’m an early bird. I like to watch a series during the day when I am doing laundry. He doesn’t have the luxury of watching Netflix during the day, so he counts on me to wait for him. The problem is I’m too tired to stay up. So thus, one person (me) cheats and watches ahead. Netflix doesn’t have the option of unchecking a show you have watched like yahoo email has. So he knows when I have cheated.PicMonkey CollageI cheated on him when we watched House (highly recommend starting the first season and keep going) and now am contemplating cheating him on our current show Royal Pains. It is funny how similar both shows are. They both revolve around medicine, but House is darker, and Royal Pains is more comedic.

My questions for you, have you ever netflix cheated and what are you and your significant other currently watching?

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    October 28, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    Oh yes, we had a lot of netflix cheating in the early days, especiallu watching The Sopranos!

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