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Your Kid’s Manners and Sports

sports 1Do your kids have manners when it comes to sports?  

Do your kids try to win when they are playing a sport but are still respectful at the same time?

Are your kids good sports when they lose?


You have done a great job as a parent teaching your kids manners while they are playing sports.  I bet that if I had to guess, they have good manners off the field too.

Have you ever been to a kid’s sporting event and seen parents out of control with their behavior?

Have you ever seen parents being mean to kids on the other team?

Have you ever seen parents act worse than the kids?

Unfortunately there are some parents who do not respect other people so it is not surprising that their kids would act the same way.  The apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree.

8ac11801d3cd2a7fc326df92cccaa28aWhose job is it to keep things in line at a kid’s sporting game?

This is a hard question.  Is it the coach’s job to keep his players in line?  Most of the time these coaches are volunteers (because no one would step up) who don’t need one extra thing added to their plate.  They are volunteering their time so can’t people just be respectful on their own?  My opinion is that it is the parent’s job to make sure their kids are behaving appropriately.

Grrrrrr…..Last Saturday

sports 2My son William is thirteen and is in the 8th grade.  All of the boys on his soccer team are in 8th grade, except two who are 9th graders.  For the past three weeks, our team has played other teams made primarily of 9th and 10th graders.  Anyone who knows anything about growth spurts can imagine that our 8th grade boys are significantly smaller than these giants…..I mean 9th and 10th grade boys.  Many boys grow significantly in size the summer between 8th and 9th grade.  

All three weeks, the games have been blow outs.  Last Saturday, our team didn’t even score a goal.  It was 15 to 0.  I am not a sore loser and am not making excuses for our team.  I do think that our team should play kids their own age but that is another point…..

Back to the manners

I am ok with my son’s team losing.  The point that infuriates me about last Saturday was the complete lack of class and manners shown by some of the kids on the other team.  Right before halftime, I heard some boys on the other team joking that it wasn’t even halftime…ha ha ha.

“Ok boys…You are completely annihilating boys who are much smaller than you are.  You are so awesome. “

Here is the part that put me over the edge:

Towards the end of the game, the goalie for the other team decided that he didn’t need to guard the goal.  He felt that our team was so bad, there is no way the ball would even come close.  He left the goal and joined the other players.  He wanted to score a goal himself!

Ha!  Ha!  He was such a cool guy!  He was so cool that he didn’t even have to be by the goal and could actually make a goal himself!

You can be a good team and also have class.  Yes, our boys knew that the team was beating them badly….very badly.  I am so proud that my son’s team never gave up.  They played hard until the very end.  

e1ba898b857b735673bf16d0baa10fa0Some of the boys on the other team were just jerks.  You can beat a team without being a jerk.  There was no need for the goalie to be so arrogant and throw it in our team’s face that they were so much better.  Of course they were better!  They were giants compared to our boys!

My son’s team had class.  They never lost their temper and played their hearts out until the end.  I am VERY disappointed that the referee and the other coach didn’t immediately stop the taunting going on in the end.  

I think we have to teach our kids that having manners in sports matters.  Being competitive is great but at the end of the day, don’t act like a jerk.  Kids with poor manners and who act like jerks turn into adults with poor manners who are jerks….and let’s face it, do we need more of those?  Of course not.  

My question for you is this:  What would you have done if you would have been at that game?



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