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Colored Themed Gifts In A Jar

IMG_1134Today’s post was inspired by one of the nicest people I know!  Happy Birthday to my sweet neighbor and friend Rock’l!  You can’t be blessed with a better neighbor and friend.  10997298_10204983734185355_3977816784078910096_nChrista and I were talking about what we would be blogging over the next couple of weeks and the gifts in a jar idea came up.  I have seen this a couple of times on Pinterest and always wanted to make one.  I told Christa that we should make one to give to Rock’l for her birthday! 

I have scoured the internet for pictures and ideas, but basically have found them on two websites: One Good Thing By Jillee and Little Life of Mine.  Check out their sites for lots of cute ideas. redWe decided that we would make a colored themed jar.  We chose red because it is vibrant and fun, just like Rock’l.  For the themed colored jars, make sure to choose a color that won’t be hard to find items!

We loaded up the babies and headed to the perfect place to buy everything we needed- Target!IMG_1115The first place we headed was the dollar spot to find a few cute red items to start.  We then headed to the housewares to find the perfect, large glass jar. I love these jars because they are versatile and can be used for lots of different uses! We decided to just find fun red items that we thought Rock’l would enjoy.  Rock’l loves her fur babies so we incorporated a couple of puppy aspects.  

We tried to see if a bottle of red wine would fit in the jar, but it wouldn’t.  Instead we chose a smaller red wine from the “cube wine” section. 

I will say, this gift was so much fun to put together!!!! You can spend as little or as much as you want.  The jar ran about $14.00 and everything else was reasonable.  One challenge we had was fitting everything into the jar!  IMG_1128The Doritos wouldn’t fit and we ended up letting the little ones eat them! If you want to spend less money, buy a couple of larger inexpensive items to fill the jar. FullSizeRenderOverall we were pleased with how our first effort at making a colored themed gift in a jar turned out.  We hope Rock’l has a wonderful birthday and enjoys all of her small “goodies”. IMG_1137Our question for you, what themed gift in a jar do you think you might want to make?

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