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Get Your Decorating Jingle On!

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I LOVE decorating for Christmas (Christa).  We usually put up all of the decorations the day after Thanksgiving but this year I have started a few days earlier.  Buying new Christmas decorations can be expensive so I try to add a few things every year to our collection.

The three stores that I highly recommend for Christmas decor are

  • Hobby Lobby
  • Target
  • Costco

Last year I copied a girl in the neighborhood that had Costco Christmas  wreaths.  They are very inexpensive (I think I paid $30.00 for each).  I think that if you go to a craft store, you would end up spending a lot more than that for the supplies needed.

I picked up this metal sign for $5.00 and added our name to it with Corrin’s Silhouette machine.

jingle 4

The two major things I added this year were different mantle decorations and accessories in my dining room.

I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up all of the things for my mantle there for 50 percent off.  I have seen the wreath hanging from the mirror before and knew that I wanted to copy it.  The signs talking about Jesus were important because Christmas is about Jesus.  I wanted my family to see this reminder when we are hanging out in the living room.

jingle 2

jingle 3

In my dining room, I wanted to add festive Christmas items to dress up the table.  I went to Target and bought the silver metal chargers, red napkins, and snowflake napkin holders to add to the white plates I owned.  I like the white plates because you can change the napkins and rings for the different holidays.  

jingle 5

There are two things that I found on the internet that I love.  

I want to hang my Christmas cards to my stair banister.

jingle 6

I also LOVE this beautiful Christmas countdown found on realsimple.com

jingle 7

Everything I did was very simple and fairly inexpensive.  Any of you could do it.  I am not a decorator but have fun copying other people’s ideas.  IMG_1234

Unlike Christa, I’m not crazy about decorating.  It’s a lot of work and I’m not confident in my decorating skills.  In fact, we were at Hobby Lobby the same day and I just bought the same mantle decorations that she bought.  She took a picture of hers so that I would have an idea of how to set it up.


I also decided to decorate a few days before Thanksgiving because we are going out of town.  I knew we would be exhausted and would not feel like taking it all down.  I’m excited that when we get back we can just relax and enjoy the trees and garland.  My mom always uses garland and lights in different parts of her house.  This year I decided to decorate my entire banister because I feel you get a big bang for your buck. If you don’t have two stories, there are lots of other places you can use it in your house. IMG_1239

I never know what to put on my kitchen table.  This year I purchased an inexpensive burlap table runner at Hobby Lobby and a few decorations.  Someone told me three is a good number to group when decorating.  I like that I can use the burlap for lots of different holidays. (The burlap table runner is not with the holiday section.  Instead, it is on a random end cap and you should use your 40% coupon.)IMG_1251

This year Christa and I both bought a smaller pre-lit tree at Walmart for $39.00.  Several of our friends have more than one tree and we thought it would be fun to add a smaller one.  I decided our small tree would be the kid’s tree.  Every year the kids are given ornaments from different people. They also make ornaments and have ornaments from when they were in daycare.   I thought it would be a good idea to separate their ornaments, let them decorate their tree (much easier for them compared to the large family tree), and from now on keep them separate.  That way when they go to leave the house, it will be easier to keep track of the ones they get to take.IMG_1244

Finally, my last decorating tip has to do with those “tiny trees” and “tiny decorations” that you find at Hobby Lobby.  After Christmas last year Hobby Lobby ran all of these trees and decorations 90% off.  The trees were marked $20.00 (of course they are always 50% off) but I got them for $2.00.  I bought 5 different colors, lots of decorations and garland.  I forgot about them until I pulled out the decorations.  My kids were so excited because they each got to decorate one for their rooms.  I put the other 2 around the house. PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage2So there you have it, both of our Holiday decorating strategies.  You don’t have to spend a fortune decorating your home.  In fact, many of our decorations have come from the Dollar Tree.  The key is keeping them organized when you take them down so that when you put them up next year, it will be a painless process. 

Our question for you is this:  What holiday decorations do you have that we could copy?



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