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Tips For Black Friday!

black friday 2Last year I wrote a blog on 3 things I’m obsessed with and Black Friday made the top of the list. Well this year is no different. To quote last year “this is my superbowl” and I’m ready. For those of you still intimidated by Black Friday I have some awesome tips for getting over your fear, saving money, and getting out alive!

black friday 1First:

First thing to realize, research is key. All the advertisements can be hard to navigate so make your list but keep an open mind. I have broken down my favorite website for following “breaking” black friday news.

  1. Bfads.net– Black Friday Adds: (now an app as well) You can search for specific items to see where to get the best price for what you’re looking for AND it will let you know if the price in store right now is as good (or better) than Black Friday prices. Its also the best place to find ads as soon as they break.


2. All Things Target (Facebook)-I follow this page on facebook. The majority of it is Target deals but will alert you for other deals if they are really good. I love that she will show you how to stack coupons, sales, and cartwheel together to get the best possible deal.


3. Krazy Koupon Lady- (app, facebook, and email blast) She also shows you how to stack coupons and sales for the best possible process.


4. Cartwheel-technically not a Black Friday thing, but during the month of November (through Christmas I think) Cartwheel offers one toy at Target for 50% off a day. I have picked up a wubble bubble, bats, and a zoomer dino on this already.



The second thing to realize is that persistance and time are important. A lot of people don’t have the time OR the desire to check websites and prices daily but it’s important if you want (or HAVE) to get the best price offered on an item. Also, a lot of times, Black Friday prices will go live early and things can sell out fast. Kohls started offering ALL of their black Friday prices on the Monday before Thanksgiving and Toys R Us had a few of their doobusters go live the weekend before Thanksgiving. Luckily, I was checking the websites and was able to snag a few of the items on my wish list.


The third thing to realize is that  you can buy most of the things you want online before Black Friday. Times have changed so much from the days of mass mobs of crazy shoppers clamoring for the 3 tvs that Walmart had as a doorbuster. Now, between online shopping, Thanksgiving Day shoppers, and Black Friday, the stores really aren’t that crazy. We still enjoy the day of shopping because it’s a family tradition, but for the most part I get my “must haves” before I even head out to the stores on Black Friday.

Final Thought:

The last the last thing to remember is that when you are out getting all these amazing deals on presents for your family, yourself, and your friends, there are many that are less fortunate. Pick up some items and make a blessing bag (socks, snacks, gloves, hat, etc) to hand out to a homeless person or pick up an extra toy for a child whose parents maybe can’t provide for them.

My question for you is this:  Who is ready to go Black Friday shopping?





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