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Beware: Stay Away From These Things At Hotels!


hotel 1This blog post is inspired by me watching too much Oprah when I was younger….

This weekend

Brad and I usually go to one Baylor football game a year and sometimes a basketball game too.  Waco is very small town so the pickings of hotels are very slim.  We decided a few months ago that we would be going to the Baylor v. OU game.  

One of Brad’s best friends from Baylor (BK) passed away in May and we were going to gather to celebrate him.  (I want to write a blog in the future telling you guys about this amazing guy and the impact he has had on our lives…because BK was awesome and there are WAY too many stories to tell about him…so it will be another post!)


Brad bought our tickets and then bought our hotel room….I mean motel room…..because if you WAIT to buy your lodging…you end up in a motel.  I am actually ok with that because I feel like I am a pretty low maintenance girl.  I like my REALLY nice hotels but it is Waco and we don’t need to do fancy.

Brad booked our “Super 8 Hotel” and paid a CRAZY amount of money for it.  Supply equals demand so what we normally could get a “nice hotel” for we ended up at the Super 8.  We went to the game and had a great time.  Even though we lost, we still had a great time.  


After walking almost two miles in the rain to return to our hotel, I was SUPER excited to see the SUPER 8 Hotel…I mean motel.  As we walked to the front, we saw a room with the lights on.

Me “Look!   This is kind of fancy.  Look at the orange walls!  I feel like we are in Tuscany!”  

Brad “Ha!”

We got inside of the motel and took the elevator to the third floor.

There were Tuscan murals all over the walls….except that they were coming off.

We get into the room and I was excited to see my bright orange wall.  A second later the reality set in.  There was a weird smell.  We definitely were not at the Hyatt and I began to make a face.  

hotel 2Me “I’m not taking my socks off and stepping on the floor.”  

Brad “Do you want to have a glass of wine with me?”

Me “Yes, but I can’t have one in the glasses they provide….and please DO NOT touch the remote.”

Brad “ Well thankfully I brought cups with us…but why are you being so weird and I am going to touch the remote.  Stop being so weird.”

Me “I watched a program on Oprah a long time ago about hotels, germs, and things that you should stay away from.”

Brad “Why are you being so weird?”

Me “Fine…but when we get into the bed, do not even touch the bedspread.  I think I may vomit if you touch the  bedspread.  Why did I forget to bring my quilt?”

Brad “Here is your wine.  It will make you forget about how gross the room really is.”

Fast forward to the next morning as we were driving home.  I told Brad that I was going to research hotels/motels because I really remember watching a show about the crazy germs in hotel rooms.  

After reading an article to my husband, Brad was convinced that maybe he would do things a little different.

He travels a little with his company and usually stays in pretty nice hotels.  

Here is the article that I read to him:

I feel that in pretty nice hotels, you still have gross people.

There are gross people all over the world.  Gross people who do not properly wash their hands.

After reading the article to Brad, here are the main things that we came away with.

  1. Don’t touch the bedspread.  It is hardly washed.  Dughhh…..  We already knew this.  It was pretty cold in our hotel so the sheet that we had was pretty flimsy.


  1.  Don’t touch the remote:  I already knew this.  The article attached talks about the number one germ attractor being the remote.  GROSS.  Apparently some people go to the bathroom and don’t properly wash their hands and all kinds of crazy gross stuff can be on the remote that can lead to e coli and other crazy things.  Solution:  Buy a small pack of disinfectant wipes to wipe down the remote.


  1.  Telephone: Same thing: See above: Bring wipes to wipe down the phone.
  2. Glasses and coffee cups:  Don’t use the glasses and coffee cups.  Hidden videos have shown that the cleaning staff do not properly wash these.  Many hotels are going to disposable cups which remedies this problem.


  1.  Pillowcases:  Bring your own pillowcase.  I know this sounds weird.  YOU JUST ASSUME that the cleaning staff is changing all of the bedding every time they clean a room.  NO, that is not the case.  Time after time, studies have shown that lazy cleaning people just fluff pillows that “seem” clean.  This is disgusting.  Not only do you have to worry about the disgusting bedspread but now you have to worry about the pillowcases that may or may not be changed.  GROSS.


In conclusion

Even though Brad stays in super nice hotels when he travels, I believe that sometimes people are just lazy, regardless of it being a super nice hotel or a Super 8 Hotel.  The biggest shock to me was the pillowcases.  I can see lazy people seeing what looks like a clean pillow case and just fluffing it up for the next person.  That is disgusting to me.

From now on:

When Brad goes on a business trip, I am putting the following in his travel suitcase:

  1. Disinfectant wipes: I am going to buy several small packs of these.   Brad can take two seconds to wipe down the remote and phone in his room.
  2. Pillowcase:  We have a million pillowcases.  Even if he forgets to take it off and bring it back home, it will be worth him to have a clean pillowcase to use.  
  3. Cups:  Brad will probably think twice to use a glass or coffee mug in a hotel room.  It is gross to think that a cleaning lady just quickly rinses it off with water.  I won’t pack a cup for him but hopefully he will only use the disposable ones in a room.
  4. Blanket:  Brad and I both decided that we will bring our own blanket to hotels that we drive to.  If we have to take a flight, we will just cuddle up with the sheets that we hope are clean.


Brad and I are not germaphobes.  We are normal people who get that we all have germs.  We probably have the ten second rule when it comes to dropping things.  However, when you think about people and hygiene, you really have to evaluate things.  If a person is living in a hotel room for a few days but doesn’t practice clean hygiene (washing hands after using the bathroom), there can be a negative consequence to this.  I DO NOT want to use a remote after a person who went to the bathroom and didn’t wash their hands.  That is just GROSS.

My question for you is this:  Are any of you going to think twice about traveling?

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    Jill Carley
    November 16, 2015 at 1:49 pm

    Great blog, I have always taken my own sheets and pillowcases to hotels. I never thought about the remote control. thanks for the suggestion. I also take flip flops I can wear in the bathroom because I always tell my husband I bet the maid mopped the floor with the previous tenants wet towel. he also takes a light to look for bed bugs

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