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Do you ever need to create a visual for something? (poster, flyer, handout)

Do you ever need to create a photo collage and add words?

Do you ever need to create cute custom printables for parties?

Do you like FREE?

I love picmonkey.com because it is a very user friendly website that allows you to create and maniupulate any visual that you need to produce.

It is free.  You are able to “upgrade” for a small fee in order to use all of the tools.  They have enough free tools that you don’t have to upgrade.


Corrin and I wanted to make our pictures in our blog look better.  We began to use picmonkey and realized that it was a great way to jazz things up!

Our freezer meal club got together and took a picture for our cookbook.  One of the girls, Rosie, was out of town and didn’t make it for the picture.  


We used picmonkey and photoshopped her in!

If you look closely, you can tell the difference, but if I wouldn’t have pointed it out, I don’t think you would have noticed.

Cover Basic b&W - teal


The only drawback to picmonkey is that they do not have an app (yet) for your phone.  All photo creations must be done on a computer.  

In conclusion, go to picmonkey.com and play with the different features.  Do you want to make cute gift tags for your Christmas gifts?  Make them using picmonkey!

So many things you can do!

There are a ton of cool features on picmonkey.  You can take their editing tools and airbrush your make up on, remove wrinkles, give yourself a spray tan, and make yourself thinner. 




My question for you is this:  Who is ready to start editing?


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