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The Cookbook

FullSizeRender-8Today’s blog was inspired by the cookbook we recently created.  We are so exited with how it turned out. 

Why did you decide to create a cookbook? We started a freezer meal club two years ago and had no idea what types of meals we should cook.  We searched bookstores, online (pinterest), and friends’ recipes looking for meals to make in bulk that could be frozen.  This was a task because there is just not a lot out there (or if there is, it is not in one place). So we started making our meals and then uniformly decided that some were better than others.  None of them were terrible, but every swap, there would be some “oh this is so good, please make again” recipes.  After collecting all of these recipes, we decided we wanted a hard copy for ourselves and to give to our friends and family during the holidays.FullSizeRender How did you decide which recipes to include? Everyone inputted recipes that others voted as “all star” recipes. FullSizeRender-5How long did it take to create this cookbook?  Our group worked about 20 hours total inputting the recipes and making sure the freezer meal directions were included.FullSizeRender-6Did you create this book to sell and make a profit?  No, not at all.  We created the book for ourselves and friends/family.  We actually lost money because we didn’t know how much shipping would be for our friends and family who lived outside of Houston and wanted a copy.FullSizeRender-2What do you love about your cookbook?  First, the quality came out fantastic.  It is a very professional quality that could rival a cookbook at Barnes and Noble. Second, we love that our favorite recipes are found in the book.  Next, we love that it gives you the recipe, but also how to make it into a freezer meal. We like that that it includes healthy options and tells how easy or hard the meal is to make (most are very easy). Many of us can’t wait to give it as presents during the holidays. Finally, several people have mentioned they like that the book gives you instructions on how to start a freezer meal group. FullSizeRender-4What has been the response to your cookbook?  Overall it has been very positive.  Several people say that wish they would have ordered more.FullSizeRender-7Will you do a second order?  Because many of us (and our friends) said they wanted a few more copies, we are going to make one more (and final) order.  We are almost finished delivering/mailing the first batch, and will probably place the order in the next week. We won’t have the volume of the first order, but the publisher has agreed to give us the books at the same cost.  We want to order them sooner than later so that we can give the books as holiday presents. (My kids teachers are all getting copies!)FullSizeRender-3If I want to order a cookbook(s) what should I do? Christa sorted out the last batch (spreadsheets, payment, shipping etc.). I offered to sort out the details this go round.  If you would like to order the book, here is what you need to do:

  1.  Email me (corrin.wilcox@yahoo.com)
  2. If you are in the Towne Lake area or see me often, I will delivery yours to you for free. If you live somewhere it needs to be shipped, here is the shipping cost (we are using the post office media rate which is cheaper than normal) 1 book: $2.74, 2 books: $3.50, 4 books: $4.50
  3. Pay pal me (corrin.wilcox@yahoo.com) or send me a check (17919 Lake Nocona Ct. Cypress, TX 77433.  The cost is $15.00 per book, plus shipping if applicable. 

How long will it take to come in?  It took about 2 weeks (maybe less time).  

So there you have it, our little cookbook.  We would have loved to have something like it when we started our club! For those of you who ordered a copy in the first order, we hope you enjoy it!


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