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What Should I Bring To A Party?

01c88a8bc70bb17d92d923af2a79fa58Today’s blog was inspired by two things:  A Dollar Tree Purchase and Several Social Events.

I love dollar stores.  I think I get this from my mom who also loves dollar stores.  They are perfect for when you are making gift baskets, booing a neighbor, freezer meals, and lots more.  A few weeks ago Christa and I were at the Dollar Tree and we saw these platters with lids for sale.  I decided to buy 5 of them because I knew they would come in handy.
PAC9812KLittle did I know that I would use several of these trays over the course of a week. The first time I used the tray was for a Halloween party a week ago.  It was a Saturday and the girls asked me to treat them to Shipley’ s Donuts for breakfast.  I decided to buy an extra 7 bags of donut holes because they are so good.  The plan was to bring them to the Halloween party that night.

IMG_0421The Dollar Tree came in so handy!!! The next time I used the platter was a week later when all of my family came in.  My mom cut a bunch of my veggies and placed them in the platter for a healthy alternative to all of the bad food we would be eating over the course of Halloween weekend.IMG_0570The final Dollar Tree purchase came in handy on Friday night when we went to a Halloween party.  I wanted to bring something and was tickled when I saw that Keebler has started using flavors very similar to Girl Scouts.  I wanted to bring a cookie platter. I bought 4 different types of cookies (thin mint, carmel delights, pecan sandies, m&m). 

IMG_0572Overall, I am so pleased that I made this easy Dollar Tree purchase.  I anticipate that we will have lots of events coming up over the course of the next few months.  I plan on going back to the Dollar Tree and stocking up on more platters.  They are so convenient and allow you to insert your own food and create your own party contribution.  I love that I don’t have to spend $10 or $20 on overpriced platters!!!

My question for you, what is your best dollar store purchase? 


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    November 2, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    The foil casserole pans are also a great buy at $1. You can give a dish and don’t have to worry about getting back your pan.

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