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What will they think of next?

pms 1Subscription services have become a hot item and in the age of convenience, several of my friends take advantage of these services.  You can have a personal stylist send you clothing to wear, a chef send you grocery items for a meal, and an activity box sent to entertain your child.  I couldn’t stop laughing, though, when I came across this subscription service.

The PMS Package

People Magazine did an article explaining the concept.

“Two Ohio-based 19-year-old guys have started a subscription gift box service to make women’s least favorite time of the month just a little bit better.

Ashton Onesko and Luke Buchy created The PMS Package – sent to subscribers timed to their menstrual cycle – which includes various comfort items for women on their period.

“Our packages change every month,” co-founder Ashton Onesko tells PEOPLE. “We supply our boxes with goodies from the theme of the month or holiday. We have chocolate, lotions, candles, stuffed animals, fuzzy socks, candies and much more.”

How it works

pms 5

pms 4If you go on their website, you will see that they have three packages to choose from:

  1. The Mini Package: $12.99
  2. The Featured Package: $24.99
  3. The Executive Package: $34.99

The items in the packages change from month to month and holiday themes are utilized.  

pms 2

pms 3Why I would order one of these packages:

  1. I think it is a hillarious present to send to someone, espcially if they complain about PMS.
  2. It is a unique present.
  3. The prices are fairly inexpensive.
  4. Husbands/boysfriends will win serious brownie points ordering their ladies one of these.

Why I would not order these packages:

  1. If I send myself a basket full of chocolates and sweets, I will eat them, thus ruining any chances I would have of losing weight.
  2. Do I really need more sweets?
  3. I think I could create a basket with items from the Dollar Tree that are just as good/cute

Here are some ideas I found on the internet:




My question for you is this:  Would you ever order a PMS Package?



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