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Do You Hate When Your Phone Shows You Are Out of Storage?

o-IPHONE-STORAGE-facebookWe have all experienced this problem at some time.  Usually it is when you are trying to take a very important picture or video and you realize that you don’t have enough storage.  You quickly delete a few videos because you know this will give you more bang compared to the photos.  However, it pains you to have to permanently delete the cutest video of your little one doing one of the million cute things they do.iphone6-plus-box-silver-2014_GEO_USThe good news is that I have a solution to your problem!  It is called Amazon Photo and it is an awesome app that allows you to upload all of your photos from your phone onto Amazon’s secure server.  There is an unlimited amount of photos and videos you can upload.  IMG_1755How much does the app cost?

It is free if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Does it free up space on your phone?


Where do the photos go?

Onto Amazon’s secure server. 

Can I pull up all of my photos from my phone even if I delete them from the phone?

Yes!  You can pull them up in the Amazon Photo App. IMG_1756Can I re-save a photo that I have uploaded to the app and then deleted from my phone?

Yes! IMG_1757So there you have it, an app that will truly make your life easier!  I’m grateful Dave found it for us and now periodically reminds me to upload my recent pictures and then erase them from my phone to have more storage!

My question for you, who is going to download this app?



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