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Another Crazy Skelly Story

skelly 1

Anyone who knows the Skelly’s know that our family is just crazy.  Not crazy in the sense that you would be worried about hanging around with us and for your safety, but crazy in the sense that some of the things that happen make you  think, “you can’t make this stuff up.”

Now that I am older, I look back on some of the stories from my childhood and wonder how I turned out so normal. (joking)

Years ago when my mom was in her 40’s, she began having symptoms that were very similar to being pregnant.  She started to freak out because she already had four daughters and she “was done raising kids.”  

Thank goodness her condition ended up just being a huge tumor in her stomach.  (insert sarcasm)  It was the size of a cabbage and the largest one her doctor had seen.  I saw pictures of it on a table after the surgery and it literally looked like a ball of cabbage with veins all over it. So gross…I know.

My mom had to get a hysterectomy which put her in the hospital for a few nights.  

My family can’t just be the normal patients/family that goes into the hospital, smiles, and just is normal.

No, that wouldn’t be the Skelly way.

My dad brought his alcohol suitcase to the hospital.  (Who the heck has an alcohol suitcase?)  I remember my mom buying it and thinking it was the coolest thing ever.  My dad enjoys his Bourbon and Cokes and the suitcase had little compartments for everything.  It was like a “mini bar” but it a suitcase.

skelly 3

My next question:

Who the heck brings a bar to the hospital?

(sidenote:  Anyone that knows my parents know that they are not alcoholics.  They drink socially on occasion and we are Catholic so it is not a sin.)

My dad brings an alcohol suitcase to the hospital.

Everything would have been semi ok (I think there would still have been stares from the nursing staff) if my dad had not accidently dropped the bottle of Bourbon on the floor of my mom’s hospital room.

Yep.  They were those people.  There was Bourbon EVERYWHERE.  And if you know anything about Bourbon, you know that the odor is pretty strong.  My parents were both embarrassed.

When Corrin and I walked into the room to visit our mom, the smell of alcohol was SOOOOO strong.  My parents explained what had happened.

“Your dad brought his alcohol suitcase to the hospital and the bottle of Bourbon accidently broke on the floor.”

Corrin and I were soooo embarrassed.  We wanted to pretend that we had no connection to this crazy family.  This was really mild compared to the story where we got stranded in a Coca Cola van in a winter storm in Michigan and had to stay in an armory on a cot….another story….

I think the hospital room started to smell semi normal by the next day.  I bet the nurses still talk about those crazy people who dropped a bottle of Bourbon on the hospital room floor. I am sure there are probably strict policies now about alcohol and hospitals.

skelly 2

My question for you is this:  Would you claim these people as your family?

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