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Holiday Baking With The Kids

IMG_1991Growing up my mom always set aside a few days to bake for the holidays. She would make cookies, fudge, bourbon balls, Italian pitzels, and more.  She would package them nicely and then deliver them to all of the neighbors.IMG_1996Last Sunday it was a rainy day so I decided it would be the perfect day to bake with the girls.  They had lots of small gifts they needed to give to people (Wednesday night CCE teachers, bus driver, etc) so we decided this would be something fun to do.  IMG_1997The baking list included bourbon balls, fudge, and chocolate covered oreos and pretzels.  I would do everything except the chocolate covered items.  The girls had a great time dipping the items in chocolate and decorating.  I will admit that the only thing Finley contributed to the process was eating the cookies!IMG_2004This is fun because you can be creative with the toppings!  I recommend you dip pretzel sticks, pretzel braids, and oreos (we used chocolate stuffed and mint stuffed).  You can also take two ritz crackers (use the name brand), fill with peanut butter, and dip in the chocolate. IMG_1994For the toppings we used peppermint, coconut, pecans, and sprinkles.  I would recommend using the white chocolate bark rather than the dark chocolate bark because it looks and tastes better (in my opinion).  Make sure to place toppings on chocolate right after it is dipped so that it will stick.  Also, you must use a glass bowl to melt the chocolate in the microwave (I learned this lesson the hard way). IMG_2009-2Overall the kids and I had a great time making holiday treats for our friends and neighbors!  My kids are small (2,6,7), but this proved to be a fun activity that they all could partake in and use their creativity.  IMG_2008My question for you, what do you bake for the holidays?

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