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Hosting A Painting Party At Your House

sv131217_dp420_paintingparty_1280.jpg.CROP.promo-mediumlargeToday’s post was inspired by a party that Christa and I recently attended.  Our friend Jessica decided that to celebrate her birthday, she wanted to get a group of ladies together to paint a cute sign. Several of us have attended a painting party at group painting venues so we decided this would be fun.

Jessica picked a time and date that was convenient with several people.  She then posted pictures of signs that we could paint.  Our group had to paint at least 10 signs for the painting lady to come over.  Jessica chose the company Ivey Inspired.  The signs ranged from $30-$40.  We were all excited because the signs she showed us were all super cute.  There was a $75.00 set up fee (but the host received her sign for free) and a $25.00 travel fee since the company is located in Katy, Texas. PicMonkey CollageSince Jessica was organizing the party, she chose 4 designs.  We then chose 1 or 2 that we wanted to paint.  I decided to do the eat, drink, and be merry sign. 

We showed up at Jessica’s house and was met by a very nice lady, Lisa, who would be our host.  She was very nice and organized. She brought all of her supplies to Jessica’s house. IMG_1655

Next we were given our wooden shapes and stencils.  We chose our colors and then painted the shape a base paint. Once it dried we put a stencil on top of our shape and then painted on top. IMG_1675IMG_1662IMG_1672Overall, we had a great time!  It was so nice that we could do it at someone’s house rather than a venue.  We had pizza and wine that we nibbled on during some of the minutes where our ornaments were drying.  This was so much fun and several of us want to book another party so we can make one of the signs that our friends made. FullSizeRender-2On a side note, Isabella was recently invited to a birthday painting party at her friend’s house.  The mother hired someone to come in and go step by step through the process. The kids all had a great time and painted a cute picture! FullSizeRenderOur question for you, who is ready to host a painting party at their house?

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