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If my dog poops on the ground one more time!!!

poop 1

I get so tired of Corrin’s dog pooping on my carpet!!!!  This is the standard joke because Corrin and I both have twin dogs.  Both of our dogs are potty trained except when they go to the other’s house.  Also, our dog Lily refuses to go outside when it is raining. 

12336401_10207338197629898_1587247629_nI have carpet cleaner and will clean the mess as it happens but knew that I needed to buy a carpet cleaner. 


I have had a professional service come to our house but they can be expensive.  They charge you for ever little square inch. 

I have rented the carpet cleaning machines from the grocery store but they are a pain in the neck!! They are heavy and take forever to clean a small area.

I also have a rug in my living room that the kids are constantly destroying.  It is from Target so I am not that worried. I did, though, replace it with the same one after six months.  I knew that I could not replace an $70 rug this often so I decided to buy a carpet cleaning machine.


My choice

I chose the  Hoover Power Path Deluxe Washer FH50951PC because it was cheap (around $100) and it was at Target when I was there.  You can also find them on Amazon. 

Pictures of the Hoover are all from the Amazon website.


Why I love it:

I use it a lot because it is not a pain to use.

It is very lightweight.

It is very easy to use.

It has cleaned my nasty rug several times where it looks brand new again.

The water buckets are easy to use and clean.


It has an uplstruy attachment that is also very easy to use.


In conclusion

I read the reviews on Amazon and it got really good reviews.  Someone commeted that it could clean better.  I am very happy with its cleaning ability.  I think if you pay $100 for a cleaning machine, you shouldn’t expect a commercial grade one.  Charlotte got into my make up a few weeks ago and smeared my foundation all over one of my white chairs.  The foundation dried and it was there for a while.  I was able to get the stain where you can’t really see that it is there. 

I don’t really like to vacuum because it is kind of a pain to drag the vacuum out.  If the carpet shampooer were hard, I would never use it.  Because it is so user friendly and easy to use, I use it all of the time!

My question for you is this:  Does you dog poop on your carpet to?






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