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Little Baby West….And The Name Is…..

2F1664FE00000578-0-image-m-2_1449518220537Just when we were all shocked that Kanye and Kim K. named their daughter after a direction, we really weren’t prepared for something even more absurd. But yes, they proved us wrong by naming their son…..drum role…..Saint West. By this point you must be thinking that I am joking. I wish I were. How do you name your child after someone who is recognized as having an exceptional degree of holiness, or likeness to God? I guess we should be glad they didn’t name him God instead. I don’t know about you, but as a Catholic (where Saints are very important) I am somewhat offended that they would think so highly of themselves that they would name their son Saint. I know that most of us aren’t surprised, but really? The best thing we can do is boycott these people so that they go away (meaning we don’t have to hear about what they do every second of the day).d070b3efa6ab9b92293a0216ac0fc792dd428cadefee07089d4b95bec92181eb_largeI will admit that I love trash magazines and read people.com on a daily basis. After I heard of this travesty, I couldn’t wait to read the comments of everyday, normal people. Here are some of the funnier ones I found on people.com.  Enjoy!

Why not. Dad already thinks he’s Jesus.

Better than I thought it would be, so I’m happy. Congrats to them.

You’ve got to be kidding me. The stupidity and narcissism of these people never ceases to amaze me.kanye-directionalHORRIBLY UNBELIEVABLE. Worst name ever.

Just not shocked at this point.

Saint West! You’re kidding right?

Arrogant jerks, don’t they realize this baby has to live with this name forever?2F275F2200000578-3349964-image-a-17_1449529684886D. Bags.

Sounds fine to me- congrats!

Of course they did…..

One big eyeroll. That kid is going to hate them.


Hey guys! There’s an upside to this!  North West isn’t sounding half bad anymore *face palm*2F275F1A00000578-3349964-image-a-15_1449529654802Oh boy, the complex this kid is gonna have. Plus the therapist on speed dial. Will look stupid on a business card too, not to mention a report card.

Wow – I wasn’t sure how they’d top the ridiculousness of the first kid’s name. Now I know.

Do these people OWN a dictionary?  Any bets on the full name being Saint Kanye West??2F27159F00000578-3349964-image-a-1_1449528010428This name is terrible. It doesn’t roll off the tongue. Ugh.. His name sounds more like Satan…. At least they didn’t name him THAT!

Hmmm interesting name. Reggie Bush was “Saint” while he and Kim dated.2F271CE900000578-3349964-image-a-5_1449528481143It will be a perfect name when he decides to start his career as a drag queen.

When you give a child a name like Saint you set them up to have a troubled life. Look back on other children with names like Heavenly, Master, Angel, etc.

Saint…No that is not narcissistic at all…

Lol, a family famous for a sex tape names their baby Saint. Yikes.immaletyouOh dear God. Enough of these two, already.

Guess they were visited by the dumb name fairy again….

There the reason California needs to fall into the sea (notice the there…lol)KimKandKWestWas God taken?

Nice name. I like North’s name too

Good choice since his closet case father thinks he is Jesus.

Someday they’ll turn to Saint West for forgiveness of their douchiness!NORTHWEST

I’m so disappointed they didn’t name they baby Wild. They could have used the same name for the middle name too, and it would have been even more epic.

God they are the stupidest people on the planet.

I’m sorry some kids have to deal with their parents’ narcissism. Also, I suppose they had to find a way to upstage his cousin Reign

Named after Reggie Bush’s team. How did she slip that by Kanye?

LOL. Well, I was right. It is super dumb, but slightly better than Poop.kanye-west-as-donald-trump-memeI’m so embarrassed to admit that I know a few of his songs,and paid for them. I’m part of the problem. I truly loathe them. Poor baby Saint.

If brains were dynamite those two wouldn’t have enough to blow their noses.3keIioVmzHWDywzXUKOXps5D4e6vo83CzubyxZZ64sv7utg5vdPF2SRJobODri71Pete Wentz named his kid Saint first. So Hollywood now has a Saint Wentz and Saint West.  Hope they’re not in school together…

It would have worked better if their last name was Bernard.

So there you have it.  I always hated my name because it was “different”.  Who would have thought 37 years ago I would be kissing the ground that my parents named me after a tv character on a show called Soap instead of something really crazy.PicMonkey CollageMy question for you, what do you really think about Kanye and his kids’ names?

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