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Teacher Holiday Gifts…What They Really Want!

GiftsThe holidays are near and many of you will be scrambling trying to find the perfect holiday gift for your child’s teacher.  Christa and I are in the same boat (especially since we have a combined 8 kids) and are always looking for fun, unique presents that don’t break the bank.  We also have experience because we were both teachers for many years and remember the goodies that we received around the holidays. 

We have picked a few of our favorite holiday gift ideas.  If you have middle or high school kids we would suggest that your kids pick out one or a few of their favorites to do something nice for (of course you can always buy/make something small for all the teachers)!

PicMonkey Collage1. Note/Card 

This is especially meaningful if it is from your child.  Have them tell the teacher why they enjoy taking their class.  If you have smaller children they can always tell you what they like about the teacher and you can convey the message.  To score bonus points, tell the principal why you like your child’s teacher!

919iHIyNIXL._SL1500_2. Gift Cards

This is easy and a top teacher favorite.  Who doesn’t love a gift card?  If you are running out of time and need something you know the teacher will like, pick up a card.  It doesn’t have to be a large amount, a $5.00 Starbucks card is much appreciated.

ed70_cupcake_bath_bombs3. Stuff we are too cheap to buy ourselves

This would be fancy soaps (bath bombs), fancy scrubs, and other items that are cute but not always practical for everyday shopping.  These items don’t have to be expensive.  

Pier_1_owl_ornament4.  An ornament for our tree

This is fun because there are so many to choose from, they are relatively inexpensive, and the teacher will have it every year to remember your sweet child!

Office Chic Moodboard5. Funky school supplies

Multi-colored sharpies, multi-colored dry erase markers, and all the “fun” school supplies that we are too practical to buy for ourselves.  Target and other retailers have a ton of stylish ones that we eye, but don’t ever buy. 

ae660cee1e0f1d2982a18b70db7fa9496.  Cute Holiday Decoration

This doesn’t have to be large or expensive.  It could be a fun holiday kitchen towel or salt and pepper santa shakers.  Target has cute mugs with holiday sweaters around them.  This would be a fun gift if you filled it with candy! This gift is nice because it is practical and we will use if every year!

il_570xN.804880505_m63t7. Personalized Gift

Everyone likes seeing their name on things!  This is even easier since personalized items are so readily available. I like the idea of a small sign they can hang on their door when they need to go somewhere. (Be Right Back…Mrs..K). 

Teachergift28. Teacher Kit

This can be small, but will be much appreciated during the school year.  A small container with mints, candy, safety pins, band aids, 4 quarters.  Think about things that come in handy on a random school day.  There were many times I would be craving a small piece of chocolate.  I wouldn’t won’t a whole bag of something to keep at my desk because I would eat all of it.  Instead, a couple of pieces of candy or chocolate would be great.  This is also nice because the holidays are hectic and teachers receive lots of gift cards, cookies, etc.  Coming back in January and opening your desk drawer to something like this would be cool.

peppermint-bark9. Peppermint Bark

I put this on the list because just like gift cards, who doesn’t like peppermint bark?

nra_Lunch-Voucher-Template10.  Lunch voucher

My friend Heather told me this idea and I love it! Give the teacher a homemade voucher for a lunch brought to them during the school day.  For example, if you know you are bringing your child lunch, why not email the teacher in the morning asking if you can pick them up something as well.  Teachers don’t have enough time to run out and get food so we often eat Lean Cuisines and cafeteria food.  A random Chick Filet or Subway would be AWESOME!

So there you have it, a list of ideas that we hope will help.  As former teachers we will tell you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on holiday gifts.  Teachers appreciate any and all small and large tokens of gratitude. 

On a side note, if your child can be difficult at times, it can not hurt to try and butter up the teacher around the holidays!

Our question for you, what did we leave off of our list?

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