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The Alternative To The Traditional Kid’s Birthday Party

IMG_1880Have you ever participated in a murder mystery party or theater?  Did you know that there is company that creates murder mystery birthday party games geared towards children?MoviestarSampleToday’s blog was inspired by my niece Olivia’s recent 10th birthday party.  My sister April ordered a party kit from a company called Dramatic Fanatic Party Games.  The party kit cost $34.95 and was tailored towards 8-16 characters aged 8-12. PicMonkey CollageThe plan was for Olivia to invite her friends to participate in a fun murder mystery game and then have a slumber party. April used a kids karaoke machine as a speaker and microphone.  The girls were told to dress up and once they arrived found their assigned role.  April had an area with props and make-up for them to get into character. PicMonkey CollageThe girls were served appetizers and sparkling grape juice at the start of the game and later dined on Canes Chicken and other yummy food. IMG_1882I am happy to report that the party was a huge success!  The girls all left with trophy’s and star sunglasses the next morning.  One thing I really liked about the party was that my sister was specific about what time the guests should be picked up the next day! IMG_1884IMG_1881I love this idea and feel that Isabella is the perfect age for this type of party!

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