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Looking For A Fun, Unique Experience?

PicMonkey CollageA few months ago our friends Rosie and Dale asked a bunch of us if we would be interested in going on a Beer Bus tour.  They had gone previously and had a great time.  Several of us said that sounded like a blast and so plans were put into place.  12604832_10208807131165083_4423322119000845438_oTexas Beer Bus is a company that organizes beer, wine, and distillery tours for individuals or groups.  For a fee, they will organize a bus to pick you up, drive to three establishments, provide water and snacks, and then bring you back. 12553023_10208495561537583_8699439071799820614_nThe plan was that the bus would pick our group up at 10:15 in front of a coffee shop in our neighborhood.  We would be returned around 4:30.  We got a great deal and paid $61.89 per person. This included the bus, tastings (Whitmeyers Distillery, Buffalo Bayou Brewing, Brash Brewery), water, and chips. We were asked to not drink alcohol on the bus and no medium or large coolers because of space.  12592719_1150472378304404_3232444016079788429_nWe got on the huge charter bus and drove to another location to pick up a second group of people.  You do not have to have a big group to go on this tour.  You can buy individual tickets online to their tours.  Texas Beer Bus runs tours in the Houston area and San Antonio.  I have recently seen that Dallas and other areas have similar companies.  IMG_2992Our first stop was at a distillery that was opened by two brothers (veterans) and a father.  They produce whisky, vodka, moonshine, and gin.  I really liked this stop because we tasted the different alcohol, but were allowed to pay $5.00 for a large beverage.  I had a Bloody Mary because it was still pretty early.IMG_2991Our next stop was Buffalo Bayou Brewing.  The weather was beautiful and there were lots of people at the brewery.  It was hilarious to watch people’s faces when our huge bus pulled up front.  People looked at us and then ran inside to get another beer.   They clearly did not want to have to wait behind our group.1915380_10153903375688011_8194915687355902565_nThis was probably my favorite places of the day. They had a food truck, the weather was so nice, and the beer was really good!  I had a bacon and jam beer that surprisingly went down easy.  I will definitely be buying their beer at the grocery store.12522980_10208808239232784_1280753589212559153_nOur last stop was at Brash Brewery.  This one was huge and a lot of fun! After that we loaded up onto the bus and were dropped off at our original meet up location. Overall we had a BLAST!!!! If you live in the Houston area, I would look up Texas Beer Bus Tour’s upcoming tours (they do them in Katy, Sugar Land, Houston, Cypress).  If you don’t live in Houston, I would google your nearest decent size city and beer bus tour to see if your area offers something similar.  

My question for you, who is ready to go on a beer bus tour?

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