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A Brilliant Invention For Little Ones

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The Kalencom Portable Potty is a genius invention!

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One of the things that most people can agree on is that bringing small children to a public toilet can be a very stressful event.  If we are traveling, we never know what we are going to get when it comes to gas station restrooms.  The thought of my two year old (newly potty trained baby) on one of those toilets is enough to give me a panic attack.

Women can squat over the toilet without touching it.  Men can aim.  Small kids have no other choice than to sit.  If you put the paper on the toilet seat, you fight trying to keep it on.  Corrin told me about the Kalencom Portable Potty and said it was wonderful for Sophia and Isabella.  She lost hers and ordered another one.

The solution:

The Kalencom Portable Potty is a VERY small portable potty that folds up.  It is small enough (and light enough) to fit in a purse or small bag.  When you child needs to go, you have two options:

  1.  Stretch out the arms out and set it on a regular size toilet
  2. Stretch out the arms and place them on the floor to hold the potty up.  Next, put a liner (it reminds me of a grocery bag but has a pad in the middle to absorb any liquid) around the potty.  Once the child goes, take the liner, tie it, and throw it away.

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I think you should also carry disinfectant wipes to wipe down the potty in between uses.

I ordered the potty on Amazon and was excited when it arrived! I ordered pink for Charlotte (it comes in multiple colors).  I coaxed Charlotte to try it out and she loved it.  I had to make her use the regular potty because she wanted to keep using it.

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Why I think you should buy one:

I think while your child is small, when you are in public, it is just easy to pull out this portable potty instead of fighting with the public restroom system for your little one.  It is not a hassle at all. I think it is great for road trips and anytime where you can’t immediately be at the potty.  Adults can hold it longer than small children.  I read a review of a mom who takes it to the beach so that they don’t have to walk far to find a toilet. It can hold children who weigh less than fifty pounds.

What are people saying about it:

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A great baby shower gift:

This potty would make a great baby gift because it is something that every mom would use.  There are tons of portable potty systems on the market and I feel that the  Kalencom Portable Potty is the smallest and most kid friendly.  I love that it will easily fit in my purse.

My question for you is this: Who thinks this product is wonderful?


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