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This Can’t Be That Easy Crawfish Etouffee!!!

Crawfish etouffee David GallentChrista has made this AWESOME, healthy crawfish étouffée recipe a million times (she got it from our friend Stephanie (Hebert) Chavez ) even to make it this last time for our freezer meal exchange.  It was so good I decided to blog about it.

Imagine my surprise when I looked it up in our freezer meal cookbook (sorry, another shameless plug) and really saw how easy it was to make.  I guess the name of the recipe (crawfish) seemed so sophisticated and complicated.  Ha, I was wrong!!!! 

Here you go, if you want to make the easiest, tastiest crawfish etouffee, here is the recipe!!!!PicMonkey CollageChrista Must Be A True Cajun Crawfish Etouffee Recipe

Crawfish tails

One can low fat creme of mushroom soup

One can low fat creme of celery soup

One bag of frozen seasoning blend (red pepper, green peppers, celery)



Tony’s Seasoning

Directions:  Sautee butter and frozen season blend on the stove.  Add the cans of soup and stir.  Add crawfish tails and simmer.  Add Tony’s seasoning.  Serve over rice. 


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