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How Much Does College Cost Today?

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I had no idea the cost of college these days until recently when my husband and I embarked on college admission process with my daughter Paige who is a senior in high school.


My experience in college tuition was this:

My parents told me in high school that they would pay for any state school in Louisiana.  If I wanted to go to a private school or out of state, I was on my own.  On top of tuition, they would pay for books, a car, and car insurance.  I was responsible after my freshman year for my spending money, housing, and food.  I thought this was a fair deal and was very appreciative and thankful. 

I decided to go to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 1995.  Tuition per semester was around $900.  Books ended up being around $250 per semester.  That would put my tuition at USL at about $7200 for a bachelors degree in 1999.


After teaching for several years, I went to Sam Houston State University and earned my Masters Degree. Unfortunately, my parents were not paying for this.  My Master’s degree ended up being about $20,000. 


Fast forward to today:

College admissions in Texas is very different from what I remembered the college admission process being like in Louisina.

Two of the hardest schools to get into are the University of Texas (UT) and Texas A&M.  Class ranking is VERY important in Texas.  If you are top ten percent, you are guaranteed admissions to Texas A&M.  If you are top 7 percent, you are guaranteed admissions to UT. 

Why do I think this process is completely unfair?

Different schools have different levels of rigor and different number of students.  Top ten percent at one school can look very different than the top ten percent at another school.  If you are comparing apples to apples,the automatic top ten percent admissions would be fair.  However, you will never have identical schools throughout Texas.  I have heard many stories of people moving their kids to schools with low socioenomic demographics the Christmas of their Junior year to ensure a UT admission. When I was in school, the colleges judged me based on my GPA, ACT/SAT scores, and extra curriculum activities.  The class rank was not an issue.  Someone who is number five at a school with one hundred students may not be as qualified as a student who is number twenty five in a school of fifteen hundred students.

How much does is cost today to go to UT?

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My husband graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelors and a MBA.  He would love for any of his kids to go to Baylor but the price of Baylor is insane.  My husband went from 1993-1998 where tuition was around $8000 a year.  Today tuition is $40,000 a year. Insanity.

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My daughter will probably end up going to either Texas Tech

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or Texas State

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If Paige wanted to go to the University of Louisiana Lafayette (my alma mater), they would waive the out of state tuition.

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Here is what a community college tuition is by my house:

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If you want to see what different colleges charge, go to this website:

If you want to see what college will cost when you child is going there, check out this calculator.  This will help you figure out what you should be saving. 


I think that college costs are ridiculous.  Do I still think it is worth it?  Absolutely.  Hopefully the costs will stop inflating at these crazy rates. 

My question for you is this:  Who thinks college costs are insane?

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