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I Always Lose My….(blank)

tile 1Do you always lose your: keys, purse, remote, bag, dog, etc?

If you answered yes, you should probably look into an app called The Tile. 

The Tile is the solution for finding things.

How does it work?

tile 4Order a tile (or tiles….depending on the number of things you want to tag).

Once your tile comes in, place it on the item that you want to track.

I am running late and can’t find my keys?

No problems!  You will have downloaded the tile app and will just find your keys by using the tracking device on your phone.  There will be a beep so you can also hear it.

How much?

tile 3What technology is used to track it?

The tile uses wi-fi. 

What happens if my dog runs away and is not in an wi-fi area?

tile 2There will be other tile members that are connected.  If your dog gets in the parameters of other tile members and wi-fi location, a location message will be sent to you with the last known coordinates.

Should I get the tile?

We bought four tiles:  one for the dog, one for Brad’s brief case, one for our car keys, and one to put in our teenage daughter’s car.  We ended up getting our dog chipped because it was super cheap.  I think it is worth  it to make your life easier.  One of the things we ALWAYS lose is our remote.  We recently switched to Dish which provides a remote locator.  If they didn’t have this, I would for sure order a tile for the remote.  Our car keys are another problem.  Having the tile on the car keys makes life easier.

Are there any more neat functions of tile?

YES!  If you lose your phone, you can double press the tile and your phone will make a noise (even if it is on silent!)

Long story short….The tile is one more technological advance to make your life easier.  We will probably stick them on our suitcases when we travel this summer!

My question for you:  Who is ready to buy a tile?




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    Jill Carley
    January 11, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    thanks for the review I’ve been thinking about getting one of those. of course I don’t know if it would help me when I can’t find my keys and they are in my hands!

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