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I Heart My Laminator!!!!

701940This year we were blessed with lots of cool things as Christmas presents.  This is one of my favorites from my mom.  It never occurred to me that I could own my own laminator! Having been a teacher for many years, I knew how awesome this machine was and all of the neat tricks of the trade.IMG_2784A couple of years ago I was the troop leader for Isabella’s Girl Scout Daisy Troop.  I needed to laminate a flower for each girl (12) and had to go to Kinkos.  I couldn’t get over how expensive it is to laminate things at the commercial stores (I think I paid $1.00 per flower).  IMG_2785Fast forward to Christmas when my mom got the Black Friday Walmart deal on laminators for all of her girls (I think she paid $39.00).  We were all excited with this cool Christmas gift.IMG_2393The first time I used it was after the girls begged me to make collages that they could laminate.  All three girls cut out pictures from magazines so that they could make placemats.  Isabella and Finley were really into it, but Sophia got bored after a few minutes and went upstairs to play.  Once the two girls’ collages were done, we put them through the laminator and they were thrilled!!!! Sophia came down and realized what she missed out on and decided she wanted to finish hers!!! The problem was that the machine only came with 2 sheets (I know, crazy). I promised her I would order more sheets.IMG_2395I went to Amazon and looked up the sheets.  I was paranoid that they were going to be crazy expensive because of my Kinkos experience. I am happy to report I ordered a pack of 50 for $7.97.  I also noticed that you can buy the machines as low as $23.89 on Amazon!!!!83826Overall, I am very PLEASED with my new laminator.  I plan on using it to laminate the girls best pieces of art, more collage placemats (especially at Thanksgiving), and a wide variety of other purposes.  I can’t get over how inexpensive these machines are!IMG_2783As you can tell, the 50 count came in and Sophia was allowed to make her placemat.  

My question for you, what are other ways I should use this AWESOME machine?

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