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Sometimes Old School Is Better School!

06d2cdaToday’s blog was inspired by my recent dishwasher debacles. After Dave and I bought our first house (it was at least 30 years old) we realized the original dishwasher would not cut it. Dave was busy in school so I volunteered to go to Home Depot and sort out a new one for ourselves. I went down there and told the salesperson I was looking for an inexpensive, reliable replacement. I seem to remember I spent around $350.00 (this was 10 years ago) and could not believe my luck. It was the BEST dishwasher!!! I kick myself for not taking a picture of the brand so that we could replicate it.carrie-ovenOur next house had the worst dishwasher. We hated every second of it and finally replaced it right before we moved. The lesson we learned from this dishwasher was that you shouldn’t wait years and years to replace a dishwasher because you use it so much!

Fast forward to us moving into our new home about a year and a half ago. I was super impressed with our dishwasher because it was “FANCY”. It even sang to us when it was opened! The dishwasher is probably a 7 or 8 hundred dollar GE model. It has so many “cool” features. About 3 months ago our “fancy” dishwasher broke. It would not drain properly. My mom (who can do everything fix it) helped me try and fix it on our own. After hours, we realized I had to call a repair man. He was super nice and a couple of hundred dollars later had my machine working again. Apparently I don’t wash the dishes off well enough. I knew this but have NEVER had a problem before because I have always had the cheap, reliable, non-digitized models. Apparently you can’t be lazy with fancy dishwashers because it will cost you.

A few days ago our dishwasher started leaking and would not dry the dishes properly. I thought, “here we go again”. Dave said it was broken and that we had to go buy a new dishwasher. Do you know how much dishwashers are running these days? I didn’t. I assumed I could get a nice one for about 4 or 5 hundred dollars, everything included. Nope, double that price. We picked one out from Lowes and were waiting for them to call us to schedule a delivery/instillation. I still was in sticker price shock and started talking about maybe calling the repair guy back out. Thankfully Dave agreed, we cancelled our order, and the same, nice repairman showed up.

He plugged his computer up to the dishwasher to run a diagnosis. Of course it started working and no water came out. The panel would not light up, but I just flicked it on and off a few times like I do normally to get it running (apparently I should not have to do this). He asked me if I was using the Rinse Aid (no) and turned the hot water on (no) before I started the dishwasher. He said, these two things were absolutely necessary and that it was clearly stated in the operators manual (who reads those?). I opened my cabinet under the sink to see if we even owned Rinse Aid (Ha!, Yes we did! We still had a FULL 2.0 oz bottle that came with the machine).FullSizeRenderHe quoted me the price to change out the panel (400.00…um not happening) and then left (me $100 poorer). The good news is that I saved $900 and now know the proper rules on how to use my dishwasher.

Here is what I have learned. I will never buy another dishwasher that is digitized. I will use the same principle I use when I purchase my washers and dryers. I always buy basic because I have been told the fancy machines break often and are expensive to fix. I have learned this is also true with my dishwasher. I don’t need a fancy dishwasher because #1. they all do the same thing, #2. I don’t need a quiet machine because I have 3 kids and a dog, #3. I have never used any of the fancy features because I never took the time to read the manual to know what was offered (who has time for that).

On a sidenote, if you are in the market for a new dishwasher, I have heard over and over that Kitchenaid is the way to go.

My question for you, do you agree or disagree with me and why?

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