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The True Story Of A Girl, A Bus, An iPhone, And An App: Why You Should Be Using Find My Phone!

findPicMonkey CollageToday’s blog was inspired by our recent beer bus tour.  We had a GREAT TIME and were dropped off around 5:30 PM.  We decided to invite everyone back to our house to hang out and have some pizza.  We had a long day, but were really enjoying our company.find-130822Everything was good and I didn’t even bother to get on my phone.  I was visiting and didn’t feel like being tied to it….Until I woke up at 3 AM and decided to check my phone….except that I couldn’t find my phone.  WHAT!!! Fast forward to the morning when we were all dragging.FullSizeRender-2Around 8 AM Dave and I figured out my phone was lost.  He signed into the AWESOME Find My Phone App and looked for my phone.  Imagine our surprise when it was located!!!! I was hoping the ping would be in the next room, but no, it was 60 miles from our home at the Bayport Cruise Terminal!!! I knew there was a cruise terminal in Galveston and have heard about another one near Houston, but this was a shock.IMG_3018We kind of looked at each other thinking the same thing.  This will not be a day we can sleep in and take it easy!  I told Dave, “I have to go get my phone”.  I told him to give me his phone (because it had my iPhone location) so that I could just drive to the ping.  It was clear to both of us that the charter bus was at a location near a cruise ship terminal. I tried to email the beer bus tour operator, but was not sure if this endeavor would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I LOVE my husband for lots of reasons, but I love that he said, “No, you aren’t going by yourself….let’s pack the girls in the car and go get it…who knows, it might be an adventure”. IMG_3019The girls moaned and groaned and got into the car still wearing their pajamas.  Finley was still wearing her clothes from the day before because she fell asleep early. We had no idea what we were going to find.  Dave kept joking that the bus was going to be in a huge parking lot with a million other charter buses surrounded by Dobermans. I laughed but was seriously worried about driving 60 miles to find a bus that we may or may not be able to access. IMG_3023We drove and drove and drove.  Traffic was light because it was a Sunday morning, but it was still a long drive.  We started to get nervous and excited as we got closer to the Find My Phone ping.  We actually kept the app off most of the time because we didn’t want to drain my phone battery by constantly pinging it (this was Dave’s idea). Once we started driving towards the location I started getting even more nervous! The next thing you know we are at a guard gate surrounding the Bayport Cruise Terminal.  The Port Authority Police Officer at the gate asked us where we were going.  I tried to explain the situation but she was not sure what to do.  Apparently you can’t just enter this area because you want to (there are lots of laws and rules and regulations).  She had us pull to the side so she could talk to her boss.  He pulled up to our car and I explained the situation (we were on a bus the previous day, my phone got left, we used this Find My Phone App to find it, here we were).  YesHe was SOOO NICE!  He told me to get into his patrol car and he would drive me around to find the bus.  I opened the app and we drove to where there were buses… The problem was the buses started all looking the same and people were boarding the buses.  The friendly cop and myself got out of the car and started to try and figure out which bus was pinging.  We made an educated guess, told the bus driver our situation, and she allowed us to board the bus in pursuit of my iPhone. I will tell you that there were several rows of cruisers who were sitting in their seats waiting to be taken to the airport who looked at me like I was crazy because I was being escorted by the police. port-of-houstonAt first I couldn’t find it.  It wasn’t on the floor and it wasn’t obviously visible.  I was stressed because we didn’t have a huge amount of time on the bus. The nice cop suggested I call my phone. I called and we couldn’t hear anything.  I started to panic!  I then took a deep breath and found my seat.  I looked between the seats and there I found it tucked, deep below.  I promise, if I had not had the Find My Phone App, it would not be found for a very long time! The Find My Phone App has a function that allows your phone to start beeping so that it makes it easier to locate.  I did not realize this at the time. IMG_3026Once I got my phone, was off the bus, and was back outside of the “Port Authority” in my own car I was crazy happy!!!! This adventure had panned out and I got my phone! I couldn’t believe how close I was to the bus pulling out and my phone battery dying. Find My Phone does not work if you don’t have a battery charge. Dave was so awesome and said that we should visit the San Jacinto Monument since we were so close!PicMonkey CollageIsabella was not happy about this added stop, but she eventually came around. The San Jacinto Monument is a 567 foot tall monument built to celebrate the Battle of San Jacinto, which was a defeat to the Mexican Army.IMG_3045Overall the day (morning) was long and hard….but FUN!!!! Would I really wish to leave my phone on another bus?  No!  We paid the price because the entire trip lasted 4 hours.  Ideally we would drive an hour there and an hour back.  However, we got stuck in construction that added an extra hour and a half.

I will say that I am extremely grateful for the Find My Phone App! Replacing my iPhone 6 would be very pricy. I am very excited that everything worked out and all was good.  If you don’t have an iPhone, I’m sure your provider has a similar feature. 

I want to have a question to finish out this blog, but ultimately have nothing.  I will just say that in my opinion the hero in all of this (besides the cop) was Dave.  It would have been so easy for him to say, “It sucks to be you Corrin”…I LOVE that he was in this Skelly adventure with me!!!

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