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We all hate diets.  I have been on a million diets and I FINALLY get that I will never get to my desired weight or desired healthiness through a diet.  It has to be a life change.  I refuse, however, to give up all sweets, wine, bread, and the other food that I love.  I will not live life not enjoying it.  It is all about balance.

Did you know that Spring Break is 12 weeks away?  Wouldn’t it be great to lose ten pounds by Spring Break? 

If you know someone this blog will help, please share it with them.  If you decide to do this, email us (theskellytwins@gmail.com).  Let us know you are doing it.  This will make you more accountable too when you tell other people you are doing it.

So here is advice from some members from our “Get Healthy Group”

  1. Start today…You will always have an excuse as to why you can’t start.  Stop making excuses and start today.  

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      2. You can do it!

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      3. Start simple.  Keep your goals simple.  (Example: If you drink three cokes a day, try to just drink one.  Walk for thirty minutes with a friend three times a week.

      4. Get a partner or group that will be in this with you.  Set a timeline (We are going to do this for ten weeks and keep each other accountable.  We will check in with each other every Friday).


5. Keep a fitness Bible and put your goals on the first page.  Everyday write:

                               1. A positive quote to yourself

                               2. What you eat and drink

                               3.  What exercise you do


 This has helped me the most this time around!

6. Stop making excuses.  We all have issues that we can talk ourselves into why we can’t.  You can!


7. What you eat and drink is more important than your exercise.  Always plan your meals for the week and buy the ingredients so you have no excuses.  Always keep a frozen pizza in your freezer for the days you don’t feel like making your meals.  This is better than going out to eat.



8.Try to exercise.  Over time, increase your exercise (If you walk for thirty minutes, increase it to thirty five minutes.  Schedule this into your week just like you would schedule a doctor’s appointment.  Buy a fitbit and keep track of your steps.  


9. Try to incorporate weights.  All the health experts will tell you that using weights is the biggest bang for your buck.  You will see the results.  Go to target and buy two five pound weights.  Do twenty reps a day.  You can do that…even if you are too busy. 

10. Invest in some exercise clothing and put it on.  You have a better chance of exercising if you are wearing the clothes.  You will feel better about wearing the exercise clothing if it is cute.  Target has super cute exercise clothing at low prices.


Put in celebration milestones.  After losing five pounds, treat yourself to something  (a pedicure, new shirt, etc.).  Decide what day of the week you will have a piece of cake or what you want to eat.  My day is Saturdays.  I enjoy my Saturdays. You will never last if you never let yourself enjoy food.  Moderation.  Don’t pig out on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and ruin the progress you made Monday through Thursday.

My question for you is this:  Who is actually going to do this?





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