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Your family will never stress again over presents!

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Every year growing up, my parents would always tell us to make a list of things that we wanted for Christmas.  We spent hours looking in catalogs (remember the Montgomery Wards Catalogs….this ages me….) trying to come up with the perfect list.

Fast forward to Christmas 2015

My sisters and I have drawn names for a few years for Christmas presents. I suggested this year that we do the same with my husband’s side of the family.  We found a website called Drawnames.com.  The website was neat because you put in everyone’s name and email address and the website will send each person the name of the person they needed to buy a present for.  You can even add parameters (ex: Christa can not pick Brad).  Each person can also go the website and put gift suggestion ideas.  

My sister-in- law, Bethany, mentioned that she made a Pinterest board with things that she would like for Christmas.  I thought this was a great idea!  This is the same thing as me creating a wish list as a child, just more advanced.


I went to my Pinterest account and created a board called “Christmas Wishlist 2015.”  I pinned different items that I thought would be neat to get.  

My mom and husband thought the board idea was great because it provided them with concrete ideas, thus relieving some of the Christmas stress.

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Fast forward to Christmas day

My sister April drew my name and saw that I wanted the teal cake stand from Pioneer Woman.  They were all sold out so she found me another one that is just as cool.  My mom bought me the huge teal Pioneer Woman pot and my husband bought me the PJs and brown boots that I had pinned.  

Is this the lazy way out?

My husband was perfect in his use of the board.  He picked out a few things from the board that he knew that I wanted but he also took the time to brainstorm and buy things that I had not asked for.  I appreciate the effort that he put in both.

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The board is a great way to get the feel for the wants and tastes of a person.  You may look at the board for inspiration and surprise the person with something that is not on the board.  The board is just a great tool to show off your personality.  

My suggestion for you is to create a board called “Things I love.”  Tell your spouse and family that if they are ever trying to find ideas for you, they can visit this board for inspiration.

My question for you is this:  Who is going to create a “Things I love” board on Pinterest?

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    Connie Rischman
    January 8, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    Great idea, Thanks!

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