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Trunk Club Versus Stitch Fix: The Battle of Fashion Delivered To Your Door

PicMonkey CollageRecently a few of my friends mentioned on Facebook that they tried Trunk Club and really liked it.  It got me interested to do some investigation into the company.  I used Stitch Fix for about 2 years and recently put my account on hold while I lose weight and get to my goal.  Stitch Fix and Trunk Club are both services that have stylists who pick out clothes for you to try.  The packages are delivered to your house and it is there that you decide what you will keep (if anything).  I decided to try Trunk Club so that I could do a blog comparing the two companies. IMG_3473Here is a brief synopsis about how both companies work.

Stitch Fix:  You go online and create an account.  You are shown pictures of different styles and outfits that you rate.  You enter all of your measurements for your stylist.  Your stylist (often a different one every month) will choose 5 items to send you based on your preferences.  You can mention your price point (as low as possible, mid range, etc). I always said as cheap as possible!!! You are charged a $20.00 stylist fee regardless if you keep any of the items.  If you choose to keep at least one item, they will deduct the $20.00 from that amount.  You have roughly 3 days to return the items you don’t want in a pre-labeled package at no cost to you. If you decide to keep all 5 items you receive an additional 25% off of your entire order. 

Trunk Club: You go online, create an account, give basic information (measurements) and then wait to be contacted (usually by phone) by your stylist (who will remain the same the entire time).  You tell your stylists about yourself, they ask you questions, and then they get to work creating a “trunk” for you.  The stylist fills a trunk with about 16 different items (shoes, clothes, accessories) and sends an email to preview their selections.  At this point  you can uncheck any items that you do not like.  They make a few changes and then send you your trunk (box) of clothes.  Once you receive your trunk you have 10 days to decide on what you want to keep and what you want to send back.  There is no styling fee and if you choose to send back every item, you will not be charged anything.  You don’t get any discounts for buying more than one item, but some of your boxes might contain items that are on sale. IMG_3474Because I have blogged about Stitch Fix in the past, I am going to concentrate most of this blog on my first experience with Trunk Club. I will say this, I am a Target girl.  I love a good deal and have very few shoes or purses.  I am plain when it comes to shopping (I buy basic items), but love branching out when someone helps me.  I don’t spend crazy amounts of money on clothes and other similar items because I’m a firm believer that we should invest our extra money and not spend it on $500 purses (no offense to those of you who are into purses).  I was very happy with Stitch Fix because I got lots of cute (unique) pieces at a price that did not break the bank ($30-$60 on average).  If I am going to wear that piece and it is of quality material, I don’t mind paying more than Target prices, but I seriously will not spend $100.00 on a t-shirt…that is just dumb…I don’t care how much money you have or don’t have. IMG_3475After I heard people liking Trunk Club and that it had a zero styling fee, I was excited to try it out.  I filled out my online questionnaire and waited for my stylist to give me a call. Erica (my stylist who lives in Dallas) called me shortly thereafter so that we could speak about what I was looking for.  I told her that I am a stay at home mom and have been hitting it hard losing weight.  I was looking for items (I should have said reasonably priced) that I could continue to wear as I lose the weight.  I told her that I wanted items for girls nights out, date nights, and running around doing errands.  IMG_3476It was probably around this time that she mentioned Trunk Club was owned by Nordstrom and that they picked out clothes from their department store.  I am not going to lie and say that it did not worry me.  I do not shop at Nordstrom.   I am not saying anything bad about the company (I know they have super nice stuff), but I have always been too cheap to even go there.  I know you can get deals, but I am a terrible shopper and don’t have that talent.  I did not hang up the phone with Erica because I truly wanted to compare it to the awesome experience I have had with Stitch Fix.  IMG_3477After our conversation Erica went to work picking out items for my trunk.  She sent me a preview email and I was told that I could get rid of any items that I knew would not work out.  I got rid  of 2 items (one was a pair of Van looking shoes that cost $195.00)….I don’t really wear that type of shoe and I certainly would never spend that amount of money on a tennis type shoe.  I don’t remember what the other item was that I removed.  I remember thinking that the items seemed “VERY EXPENSIVE” but was going to keep an open mind. IMG_3480The day I received my “trunk” I was so excited!  I knew that I probably would not keep most (or all) of the stuff, but couldn’t wait to try it on.  I really like that Trunk Club sends you 16 items (as opposed to Stitch Fix’s 5 items) and couldn’t wait to see what I got. When I opened my box I was happy to see unique items (yellow jeans), but then got real and looked at the prices.  I prepared myself for crazy expensive prices.  I added up how much it would cost me to buy the entire trunk with its 16 pieces and saw that it was a whopping $1600.00!!!! The math says that each piece averages to about $100.00.  Honestly, that is CRAZY expensive for me and I would only pay $40-80, 90) for something that I would wear a million and one times.  I immediately knew that if I ever get another trunk that I would tell Erica (and not be ashamed) that I want the CHEAPEST prices available….I get that Nordstrom is not a cheap place, but I do know that surely they have stuff available that is more compatible with Stitch Fix. IMG_3489I decided to not look at prices while I was trying on the items.  I knew everything was expensive, but did not want to cloud my judgement on whether I liked the item or not.

This was the first outfit I tried on.  It fit ok, but did not look good.  I would never pay almost $200 for this outfit.  Also, Dave was at work so I made Isabella and Sophia take pictures of me in different outfits.  They were not “thrilled” about this task.

Decision: Return both

IMG_3494This shirt was pretty cute.  It reminded me of something I would receive in my Stitch Fix box, but at a much higher price.  I probably would have kept it if it were in a Stitch Fix box and was around $40 or $45.00.  That is the thing with Stitch Fix, you end up keeping some stuff because you don’t want to just waste the $20.00 styling fee.

Decision: Return 

FullSizeRenderI liked both the shirt and the jeans (probably the jeans even more).  The problem is that the only way I would spend that amount of money on jeans is if I knew I would wear them for years.  I’m losing weight so I don’t want to even go there.  Also, I would never pay this amount of money for something that has a description as a Tee! 

Decision: Return 

FullSizeRender-10This top was just ok.  Imagine my shock when I saw that it cost $144.00!!!!! I would not have been smiling in the picture if I would have known this.  The material was nice and thick, but for that amount of money I want to look about 50 pounds thinner. 

Decision:  Return 

FullSizeRender-3I liked this top, but did not love it. Because everything else is crazy expensive, items like this seem to be a decent deal.

Decision:  Return.  I would have kept it if is was about $20.00 cheaper. 

FullSizeRender-4This was a fun shirt because it looks like 2 shirts, but in fact is one nice, knit type shirt.  I really liked it, but did not $89 love it.  If it were around $50 I probably would have kept it because it would be a staple piece you could use for years to come. 

Decision:  Return FullSizeRender-11These were way too big!  They were so long!  I don’t think my stylist realized I am short (5’1″).

Decision:  Return

FullSizeRender-5While I was trying these clothes on and didn’t know the price of each item, I decided I liked this shirt the best. It is a size Small Petite and fit very well.  I am not crazy about spending $89 on this item, but I wanted to keep at least one item and feel like this is a staple piece that I can wear even if I lose more weight. 

Decision:  Keep shirt and wear it a million times from now until around April/May. PicMonkey CollageThese two jackets were not going to work.  They were both too big and I felt neither was my style.  The orange one (WAY TOO EXPENSIVE) felt like something a grandma would wear.  The military vest was cool, but I feel I am probably not cool enough to pull it off. 

Decision:  Return PicMonkey CollageTrying on the dresses was pretty funny.  I’m glad my stylist sent them because I wear dresses on some occasions (church, date night, vacation). The first dress fit ok (not great), but I liked the color.  Dave told me I looked like a flight attendant in the navy blue dress, and my kids said I looked like I was wearing a sack in the third dress.  I really liked the pattern of the third dress, but clearly it was way too big (which I’m not complaining about).  I was not a fan of any of the prices, but would not be opposed to spending $80-$100 on a dress that I would wear for years to come.

Decision:  Returnand-the-winner-is1

So, how did they compare?  Who was the winner?

This is hard to answer because I like BOTH, but for different reasons. 

I really like Stitch Fix and will continue to use them once I get closer to my ideal weight. My main reason for LOVING Stitch Fix was reasonable price.  I  love that they have sent me lots of unique, cute items that I wear over and over.  I like that they have their own private labels that they pull options from.  I like that you get a discount if you keep all 5 items.  If you decide to try Stitch Fix, my recommendation is to tell them that you only want clothing (no accessories) because you can get bags, earnings, necklaces at much more reasonable places like Charmin Charlie.  

My biggest complaint about Trunk Club was the price.  I’m a stay at home mom and just can’t justify spending crazy amounts of money on tennis shoes or t-shirts.  However, I REALLY like that they send you so many items and that you have 10 days to decide.  I feel like the first trunk allows the stylist to gauge you and your personality.  I should have been much more clear that the most important thing I care about is price.  I am going to copy this blog and send it to Erica.  I want to try Trunk Club at least one more time with all of my input.  I feel confident that she will be able to put a trunk together for me that has much lower prices points.  I’m not buying staple pieces like jeans right now because I have more pounds to shed.  I am mainly interested in shirts that I can wear for several seasons in the future.  I feel like I have nothing to lose by telling her that I won’t ever spend $200 on a pair of shoes or most types of clothing.  I am looking for more “Stitch Fix” pricing and would love to continue Trunk Club if this can be met. I understand that the quality of the items are top notch, thus the high prices. However, the clothing market is saturated and there are lots of options popping up.

Who would enjoy Trunk Club?  This is what I love about Trunk Club.  If I have an event (wedding, baby shower, party) and need to find a fun, cute dress, this would be perfect!  I could email/call Erica and ask her to send me 16 different dresses in a reasonable price range ($60-$150) to try on.  Worst case scenario I send all 16 dresses back and am not out any money.  Best case scenario is that I find one (or two) dresses that I love and will wear over and over again for years.

I feel Trunk Club is perfect for people who are at their ideal weight and are looking for “staple”,  “classic”, “quality” pieces that they will use for several years to come.  It is also perfect for people like myself who do not like to shop.  I am willing to pay a little more for clothes if someone (a stylist) is helping pick high quality items that I will use over and over again. 

In conclusion, I feel that these convenient online shopping/deliery services help people who want to look cute and stylish, but are not sure how to shop for that look. You will pay more than you would at Target, but you need to realize that you are also paying for a service.  

If you think you may possibly use either service and have no close friends/family who are doing the same, I would LOVE fore to use my referral code for both Stitch Fix and Trunk Club.  Message me and I will send you the link!

My question for you, what did you think about my trunk from Trunk Club?

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