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Fun Surprises and Mixing Things Up!

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This blog post revolves around one thing, my thought that you must change things up and keep surprising the person you love the most. 

Life can be very stressful and with kids and all of the activities going on, we forget how important nurturing our relationships can be.

You should try to

  1.  Have fun
  2. Laugh…a lot
  3. Appreciate each other

Brad and I try to have a date night at least every other week if we are not able to do it every week. 

We have lots of fun but what about the day to day?

Every once in a while it is important to do something fun.

The T-Shirt

A few years ago, I decided to join my husband on a work trip to England and Scotland.  I was super excited because I knew we would be doing lots of fun things.  I decided that I wanted to make a funny t-shirt to wear.

Back story:

Brad lived for many years in Clearlake next to the nicest people, Tim and Becky.  We love them like we love our own family.  Tim would constantly call Brad, B Rad.   I thought it was a funny nickname. 

fun 5

Back to the t-shirt

I decided that I would have B Rad printed on a shirt and would wear it.  I wanted to see how long it took for Brad to realize that his name was printed on my chest.  To make it more fun, I designed the letters to be on fire.  I obviously think my husband is super hot so of course I would put his name in flames (I know some of you want to barf right now but it is true….I am crazy about this guy).  I stuck an alligator on there because I am from Louisiana.  There are a million internet sites where you can design cheap t-shirts.

fun 2

We were in England somewhere visiting sites and I had my shirt on.  I wondered how long it would take him to understand the shirt.  We went all day and nothing.

At the end of the day, we were heading to the airport to fly to Scotland.  We were on the train.  Brad started to look at me weirdly.  He said “That shirt is interesting.”  I started to laugh and said “Do you get it?”  He didn’t.  I explained that I made a shirt with his name on it and flames.  He started laughing and thought it was sweet.  Every once in a while I will wear the shirt and he will just smile.  Sometimes you just have to be hokey.

fun 3

The bottom line

You don’t have to spend a lot of money (or any) to surprise your sweetie.  Just do something different that they will be thinking about for a while.  If you say to yourself, I can’t think of anything, you aren’t trying hard enough.  With the internet and all of the search engines, there are no excuses. 

fun 4

My question for you is this: Who is actually going to do something?

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