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Grocery Store Chandeliers

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Did you know that some grocery stores sell lighting? 


I had no idea that our local HEB sold lighting until I went into the stylist, Angel Frenzel’s house and saw her spherical shaped  chandelier in her dining room.  The chandelier looked very similar (but smaller) to the one my friend Tracy bought at Restoration Hardware. 

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chan 4I had to go to the HEB down the street from my house and noticed that they had several chandeliers hanging in the floral department.  I wanted to buy the one Angela had in her house but they were out of them.  The sweet lady who worked in the department told me she would order the one I wanted and call me when it arrived.  I bought the  birdcage shaped one to go over my breakfast table.  I think I paid $250 for it.

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(Restoration Hardware’s Birdcage Light)

When the spherical shaped chandelier came in, I picked it up at the HEB.  I was excited that the floral employee gave me a coupon for the purchase!  It ended up being $200. 

I think that lighting in a space can make or break an area.  If you have outdated lighting, I would invest in upgrading it.  Angela did a great blog on lighting options and pricing.  The blog is called ” Rock Star Lighting: How to Save Money on Trending Lighting Alternatives.”  You can find deals on lights that look very similar to your more expensive stores (ex: Restoration Hardware).




TheSkellyTwins-decor-23My question for you is this:  Would you buy your chandelier from a grocery store?


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